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Computer Vulnerabilities

- Connecting an unsecured computer to the Internet could be disastrous, according to a study by network-security provider StillSecure.


- A Booz Allen Hamilton survey finds that companies will pay top dollar to outsourcing partners that emphasize security.


- A bill (H.R. 32) that would prohibit trafficking in labels or similar packaging, with knowledge that a counterfeit mark has been applied to them, has been approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It has been sent to President Bush for his approval. Under the bill, the definition of “counterfeit mark” includes any mark on a label or packaging that is substantially indistinguishable from a trademarked design, and that is likely to mislead consumers. Under H.R. 32, any article that bears a counterfeit mark will be subject to forfeiture.

New Threats

- Consumer Internet Threat Meter educates consumers on online risks.

Delete and Erase

- This NIST guide will help organizations in implementing a media sanitization program.

Travel Tips

- Utimaco Software has listed Top Tips for Mobile Computing.


- The issues and challenges associated with catastrophic events are examined for lessons learned.

Consumer Privacy

- The Federal Communications Commission has issued a proposed rule requiring companies to take additional steps to protect consumer privacy.

Patient Privacy

- A New Jersey appeals court has ruled that filming an emergency room patient for a television program violated privacy laws.


- A federal appeals court has ruled that a company violated the ADA when it refused to reinstate an employee.


- FEMA’s weaknesses go beyond the initial poor response to Hurricane Katrina. This report looks at post-response fraud.

Data Losses

- RSA Security’s Wireless Security Survey of San Francisco found that more than 40 percent of wireless networks were unsecured.


- A federal appeals court has ruled that a company’s decision to transfer an employee to another facility to settle a sexual harassment allegation constituted an adverse employment action.

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