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Travel Tips

- Utimaco Software has listed Top Tips for Mobile Computing.


- The issues and challenges associated with catastrophic events are examined for lessons learned.

Consumer Privacy

- The Federal Communications Commission has issued a proposed rule requiring companies to take additional steps to protect consumer privacy.

Patient Privacy

- A New Jersey appeals court has ruled that filming an emergency room patient for a television program violated privacy laws.


- A federal appeals court has ruled that a company violated the ADA when it refused to reinstate an employee.


- FEMA’s weaknesses go beyond the initial poor response to Hurricane Katrina. This report looks at post-response fraud.

Data Losses

- RSA Security’s Wireless Security Survey of San Francisco found that more than 40 percent of wireless networks were unsecured.


- A federal appeals court has ruled that a company’s decision to transfer an employee to another facility to settle a sexual harassment allegation constituted an adverse employment action.

Chemical Facilities

- Chemical plant security  continues to be found wanting. Problems are being examined in congressional hearings and by the GAO.

Drug Trade


Radiological Attacks

- he National Academies has prepared, in cooperation with the DHS, fact sheets on four types of terrorist attacks.1, 2, 3 and 4

Cargo Security

- The Coast Guard has issued an interim rule that will include several new items in the definition of "dangerous cargo."

Risk Assessments

- Risk assessments and protective measures for ports of entry and other critical infrastructure must be revised, says a report by the GAO.

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