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- The California Supreme Court has ruled that employees need not complain to their companies about discrimination in order to have the right to later sue them for retaliation.

ID Theft

- Are fears over identity theft exaggerated? An ID Analytics study says yes.

Aligning Security

- This PricewaterhouseCoopers guidebook helps companies to think about their security strategies.

Spam Canned?

- The FTC has released Effectiveness and Enforcement of the CAN-SPAM Act, which concludes that the law has been effective in slowing down spam.

Campus Rape

- Schools are not doing enough to protect students from sex crimes or to ensure that they are accurately reported when they occur.

Negligent Retention

- Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that an employee hired to work in a Ford Motor Company cafeteria

Rogue Nukes

- International body charged with containing the spread of nuclear bomb technology has made progress

Fire Protection

- The National Fire Protection Association has issued guidelines for security system installations.

Court Security

- The New York State Unified Court System has recommended more than 40 measures to improve court security.

Gun Fight

- NRA-backed state laws that force companies to allow guns in their parking lots

General Aviation Risks

- Find out what’s being done to address security risks that pertain to noncommercial flights, such as corporate jets and crop dusters.

Workplace Violence

- The U.S. Post Office’s firing of an employee for violating its zero-tolerance workplace violence policy was not in retaliation for the employee’s prior workers’ compensation claims, ruled a federal appeals court. Because the employee violated the policy, his firing could not have been a pretext.

Internet Privacy

- Want privacy for your Internet searches? Then check out Ixquick, this month’s “Site to See,” the only metasearch engine that deletes the user’s personal data.

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