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Cybercriminals Turn Pro

- Research from Symantec finds that computer hacking is becoming a full-time vocation.

Employee Monitoring

- The New Jersey Superior Court ruled that a company may be held liable if it fails to investigate an employee accessing child pornography at work.

Capitalist Crooks

- Security researchers see 2005 as the year in which cyberattackers turned from braggarts to capitalists.

Land of Phishing

- Websense, a provider of employee Internet management solutions, offers updates on phishing attacks.

DHS Grant Process

- The DHS's recently revised risk and needs-based grant allocation process needs more oversight, according to a new report.

Military Priorities

- A report by the Center for American Progress says that the military should take a proactive role in protecting the homeland.

Here's the Drill

- RAND Corporation has created a searchable database of exercises and drills that can be adapted for use by any organization.

Is Counterterrorism Working?

- A paper called The Effectiveness of Counter-Terrorism Strategies asserts that there is little evidence that counterterrorism strategies work.

Influenza Planning

- New guidance is out to help the electricity sector respond to an influenza pandemic.

Blackboard Jungle

- Schools and police departments are partnering to produce floor plans on CDs for use by first responders during a crisis.(Digital Imaging for Safe Schools: A Public Safety Response to Critical Incidents and a shorter version of the same document, Quick Reference Guide for Digital Imaging)

Terrorism’s Economic Toll

- A report on the economic effect of global terrorism finds that attacks can have a significant negative effect on an economy.

Guidelines for Banks

- A new guide helps financial institutions to comply with information security standards.

Sexual Harassment

- A hospital was held liable when a nurse was assaulted by a doctor who was an independent contractor.

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