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- A bill (S. 467) extending the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 (TRIA) for two more years has been signed into law by President Bush. The new law extends the TRIA, which otherwise would have expired at the end of 2005. The law also establishes a commission charged with developing a transitional system to take its place. Without the TRIA, a government program that keeps insurance for terrorist attacks affordable, proponents of the bill argued that terrorism insurance would become unaffordable for most businesses.

Trojans Bearing Gifts

- Malicious code threats continue to rise, according to this software company report.

Bio/Chem Threats

- This report examines the bio/chem threat to airports and makes recommendations on how to assess and counter the threat.

Personal Data

- A new online guide on information theft discusses the effects of loss of personal data. Future installments will discuss prevention.

Consumer Demand

- Unisys research shows that consumers are willing to pay additional fees for banking options that are more secure.

Negligent Misrepresentation

- A New Jersey court has ruled that an employer who chooses to give references on former employees can be held liable for misleading references.

Biometric Primer

- This white paper on biometrics discusses how the technology is being integrated into access control applications.

Flu Preparedness

- Check out this checklist intended to help businesses prepare for the worst if a flu pandemic hits.

IT Gets Respect

- According to a survey of IT in the corporate world, the importance of IT security professionals is finally being recognized.

Holes in SOX

- The government accounting board charged with SOX compliance oversight has found holes in the way companies met the challenge last year.

Predicting Events

- A study of advanced data analytics and other predictive software looks at the potential for predicting terrorist attacks.

Decontaminating Children

- A government training video shows emergency responders and hospital ER staff how to decontaminate children exposed to dangerous chemicals.

School Security

- A new survey by the National Center for Education Statistics reports an increase in locked doors, security guards, and visitor sign-in procedures.

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