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Religion at Work

- Ten tips for avoiding discrimination lawsuits arising from religious accommodation requests at work.


- A student sued a community college when he was injured while learning arrest and control measures in a peace officer training class.

Noncompete Agreement

- An employee filed a preemptive lawsuit against an employer, claiming that the noncompete agreement prohibiting him from working for a competitor was not enforceable.

Premises Liability

- The California Supreme Court has ruled that a restaurant patron who was assaulted in the parking lot can sue the restaurant for negligence.

Negligent Hiring

- An Illinois court has ruled that a national organization established to help children cannot be held responsible for the sexual abuse of a child at its Chicago location.


- Which companies can you trust with your personal information? American Express comes in tops. In terms of industries, the airline industry lingers lowest on the list.

Search Engine Safety

- Which leading Web search engines are the safest and which are the most insecure? Find out in McAfee’s latest study, “The State of Search Engine Safety.”

Laptop Security

- Read about the staggering economic costs downtown Calgary experienced due to laptops stolen from tenant space.

IT Security

- What’s the number one threat to corporate security in 2007? While many believe it’s Web viruses, a new survey of European high level IT managers says it’s removable media devices.

IT Security

- The three biggest data security concerns for businesses: outside data harvesting attacks, exposing sensitive information to unauthorized users, and accidental loss of employee data. Read more about the report here.


- An employee fired after filing a sexual harassment claim cannot sue her employer, ruled a federal appeals court, because the employer responded to her claims and tried to remedy the situation.

International Security

- What are the implications of China’s military buildup and global power plays? A Department of Defense report examines the issue.


- Guidelines for how employers can avoid falling foul of rules against family responsibility discrimination (such as when a worker needs leave to care for an ailing parent) are now available from the EEOC.

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