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Background Screening

- The Texas Legislature has introduced a bill (S.B. 21) that would require owners, directors, and operators of daycare centers to submit their fingerprints for an FBI background check. Before being hired to work at a daycare center, all prospective employees must also undergo background checks. Employees may not work at the center until the check has been completed.


- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced that its Automated Targeting System, which was originally designed to track cargo, is being used to profile travelers, operators, and crew members on all vessels, vehicles, aircraft, and trains that enter or exit the United States.


- The DoD has issued a final rule requiring that its contractors use RFID technology to track specific materials, including packaged petroleum products, chemicals, additives, and construction equipment.

Data Mining

- Proponents and opponents of the use of data mining for predicting terrorist events faced off at a congressional hearing. Read their testimonies and judge for yourself which argument cites the best data points.

Religious Discrimination

- An appellate court has upheld a lower court ruling in which a company that allowed an employee to keep religious material posted in her cubicle was not liable for religious discrimination.


- A third party sued Agilent Technologies when one of its employees posted threatening messages about him on Internet bulletin boards. The courts ruled that the company had no liability in that case.

Union Activity

- A federal appeals court has ruled that a casino violated National Labor Relations Board rules when it terminated an employee for theft even though the employee was guilty - she was also the sole union organizer at the site.


- An Indiana appellate court has struck down a $325,000 judgment granted to an employee who claimed his boss bullied him.

Premises Liability

- A Virginia appeals court has ruled that a hotel may be held liable for an assault on a guest because there was ample warning from police reports that guests were at risk.

Smart Card Guidelines

- The Smart Card Alliance Identity Council has issued guidelines on best practices regarding implementation of radio-frequency technology in identity management systems.

Fingerprint Technology

- A government study on effects of scanner height on fingerprint capture found that it depended on whether the print was being taken from the right or left hand.

Violent Behavior

- The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals has released its guideline that aims to help organizations identify the potential risk for violence among individuals.

Governors Guide

- A new 80-page guide is intended to give governors an overview of their homeland security roles and responsibilities. Topics covered include communications interoperability and mutual-aid agreements.

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