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Security Offensive

- A new guide from the National Institute of Standards and Technology explains the key threats to, and recommends guidance for, securing industrial control systems.

Cybersecurity Progress

- The Homeland Security Department is still struggling to fulfill its cybersecurity responsibilities, according to this report from the Government Accountability Office.


- The problem of burglary at residential construction sites and strategies for preventing the problem—such as implanting microchips in power tools—are topics addressed in this guide from the Department of Justice.

Transportation Security

- Emergency response coordinators in the Transporation Security Administration are not receiving training in continuity of operations, despite the existence of free courses, according to a report from the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Homeland Security.

Data Security Toolkit

- Credit card data are often improperly stored in a merchant’s database, leading to data breaches. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has joined with Visa in developing a Security Toolkit designed to help programmers understand and counter the most common vulnerabilities to data breaches.

Check Fraud

- A registry of check security features, which is designed to combat check fraud, is now available to institutions. The registry provides a single place for security-feature providers to register their features.

Terrorist Watch List

- Millions of visitors are screened for terrorism links through government watch lists.

Consumer Data Protection

- The FCC orders telecoms to implement more stringent safeguards to protect consumer data. Safeguards include password verification before providing records by phone.


- Get up to code with Web application security standards and learn how to plug up your cybersecurity holes before a hacker attacks here, here, and here.

Premises Liability

- Read why a hotel is not responsible for the rape of one guest by another, according to a federal appeals court.


- A former employee of an Atlantic City hotel must prove his discrimination charge was made in good faith and show it wasn't just a way to set up a retaliation charge when he was fired.

Counterintelligence Strategy

- Take a look at the new counterintelligence strategy to thwart threats to U.S. national security, recently signed by the President.

Chemical Security

- Chemical facilities at a high risk for terrorism must do more to protect their infrastructure. A final interim rule from DHS lays down requirements.

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