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How to Fire a Key Employee

- Firing any employee has its risks, but the termination of key IT personnel requires extra planning.

A Site to See: SpyBye

- Web sites unknowingly harbor malware, but SpyBye can help Web masters out them.

Keeping Track of Tours

- How one company is tracking its guards on tour to make sure that patrols are carried out as promised.

Flying High But Never Coasting

- Why it's okay to glide but not to coast.

Steps Toward Career Success

- Security education and experience are two rungs on the security career ladder; others are strategies such as becoming an expert and networking.

A Federation of E-Mails

- How one county implemented a user-friendly software solution that helps it keep sensitive e-mail protected even in transit.

Standards for Explosives Defense

- The Department of Homeland Security is drafting the first set of standards for explosives detection and response systems and training programs.

Open in Thirty Seconds: Cracking One of the Most Secure Locks in America

- The safest locks in the world are less secure than the manufacturers admit.

Robbers Can't Bank on Lax Security

- Banks in Mexico have spent over $200 million to upgrade security since 2003. Find out how improvements in CCTV coverage, increased training, and other measures have helped to reduce robberies.

Security Rocks

- Organizers of a one-day music festival chose a wireless mesh surveillance system to protect patrons.

How to Handle a Crisis

- Managers must train employees, develop protocols, and design record-keeping programs to ensure a solid response during a crisis.

Preventing Harassment

-   By understanding workplace violence, how to prevent it, and how to respond when a complaint arises, companies significantly reduce the chances of being sued.


- An interactive blog that can serve as a tool for fire personnel has been launched by the United States Fire Administration. The agency encourages users to post comments and success stories.

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