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The Import of Good Security

- A California company collaborated with its contract security team to develop an employee training program for C-TPAT compliance.

Responding to EEOC Lawsuits

- Any company may find itself facing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charges filed by a worker. Knowing how to respond is key.

Taking the Call with Confidence

- To prepare for bomb threats, security must prepare checklists, train both security and nonsecurity personnel, and conduct exercises.

Keeping Cool in a Crisis

- An electronics manufacturing firm used risk management software to assess threats to personnel and property during the wildfires that swept through California last year.

Detailing Contractor Obligations

- Companies can ensure a good ongoing contractor relationship by spelling out performance expectations up front in the contract.

Liberia's Success Story

- By putting woman in power, Liberia's Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has made her government more stable, more effective, and less corruptible.

Keeping Track of Deposits

- Around since 1921, Pep Boys keeps up with the times through electronic tracking of deposits and transaction monitoring.

Stun Guns

- What’s the role of conducted energy devices (CED), also known as stun guns, when deaths follow CED shocks? Read the National Institute of Justice’s interim report.

On the Waterfront

- A remote liquid natural gas facility relies on an integrated radar and camera system to meet perimeter security regulations.

Betting on Enterprise Risk Management

- Enterprise risk management engages a broader and more strategic perspective than standard risk management. Companies can use it to address the full spectrum of risk exposures they face.

Brevity: The Soul of Success

- Shakespeare said brevity is the soul of wit. It's also at the core of successful presentations to senior executives.

Laboratory Biosecurity Handbook

- Reynolds M. Salerno and Jennifer Gaudioso provide a comprehensive study of all things biosecurity.

CDC Releases "Storybook" on Flu Pandemics

- The release coincides with the 90th anniversary of the outbreak that killed millions.

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