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Betting on Enterprise Risk Management

- Enterprise risk management engages a broader and more strategic perspective than standard risk management. Companies can use it to address the full spectrum of risk exposures they face.

Brevity: The Soul of Success

- Shakespeare said brevity is the soul of wit. It's also at the core of successful presentations to senior executives.

Laboratory Biosecurity Handbook

- Reynolds M. Salerno and Jennifer Gaudioso provide a comprehensive study of all things biosecurity.

CDC Releases "Storybook" on Flu Pandemics

- The release coincides with the 90th anniversary of the outbreak that killed millions.

Teaching School-Violence Prevention

- Schools must teach everyone from staff to parents how to recognize and respond to the warning signs of violence.

Pooling Resources

- How one city reduced persistent vandalism at its outdoor pools with an integrated surveillance system.

District Offers Security Lessons

- How one school district is improving the grade of its security, starting with its largest high school.

Speak Your Mind on Security Management Forums

- Security Management's newly redesigned forum gives security novices and professionals alike a common area to exchange expertise and get questions answered.

Don't Strike Out in Labor Disputes

- Surviving a worker strike is one of the most important aspects of business continuity planning.

Giving Thought to Process

- To maximize staff performance, managers should streamline systems, match personnel to the right jobs, and encourage creative thinking.

Security Power Tools

- An indispensable reference on network security.

Car Talk Back

- A car dealership in New Jersey solved its theft problem and increased sales with a monitoring system that tells intruders to leave.

The Greening of Security

- Discover the security implications of a company deciding to "go green" when it is building new facilities.

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