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Security Design Consulting

- Find the basics of security design consulting in this book.

New Standards for Payment-Card Transaction Software

- The payment-card industry has developed new security standards to ensure that the software used to process payment-card transactions protects the information stored on such cards.

Making Metrics that Matter

- CISOs are increasingly measuring IT performance to demonstrate the results in concrete terms in accordance with other business metrics.

The Art of War for Security Managers

- How does the ancient Chinese strategist's wisdom apply  to the job of the professional security manager today?

Counterfeiting, Pandemic Preparedness Among Issues at Singapore Conference

- How Johnson & Johnson has revamped its approach to fighting counterfeiters and enlisted the help of Chinese officials was one topic among many at day two of the ASIS International second Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore.

Terminations and Violence

- Security professionals should be wary of misconceptions about workplace violence and aware of how to reduce the risk of terminated employees becoming violent.

Just the Facts: Investigative Report Writing, 3rd Edition

- If you are interested in a review of the law enforcement report writing process and how it relates to your policies and procedures as a security professional, this book is for you.

An Urgent Message

- One school district tells how it uses a new mass notification system to alert parents to problems large and small.

Live Operators Can Help Stop an Outbreak of Infectious Disease

- A new RAND study to be published in the American Journal of Public Health says live operators are a good first defense in stopping the spread of infectious diseases, but better performance is needed.

Managing Work Anxiety

- Everyone feels anxiety, but managers cannot afford to succumb to it. Here's how to manage and minimize it.

School Improves Image

- A new digital camera system has helped administrators at one Canadian school identify thieves and vandals while keeping students safe.

Kilroy Has Left the Building

- CCTV has driven away graffiti and bogus slip-and-fall claims at one Manhattan building.

Bulking Up Video Surveillance

- A CCTV system is deemed fit for a chain of gyms.

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