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Building a Strong Staff

- A quality hiring and training program can help security managers build and retain a top-notch staff.

Biometric Devices

- Law enforcement agencies and other organizations use different mobile identification devices to collect biometrics, and one system can’t always read the other’s data. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released a list of best practices to help make the data obtained interoperable.

Providing Service to Improve Security

- By setting clear expectations, explaining policy, being aware of corporate culture, and conducting training, managers can provide better service and improve security.

Operational Risk Management: A Case Study Approach to Effective Planning and Response

- Consultant-turned-professor Mark Abkowitz explains why certain disasters occurred and why others were averted over the past three decades.

21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention

- Crime prevention is all in the design, argues Randy Atlas, in this highly accessible and learned book on CPTED.

Security's Worth Gets Tested in Tough Time

- How is the economic downturn affecting the security industry?

The Management of Police Specialized Tactical Units, Second Edition

- Mijares and McCarthy have taken the SWAT training manual to the next level.

Cultivating Creativity for Competitive Advantage

- The secret to getting fresh ideas from your employees.

Ridge Worries Over Homeland Security Priorities

- In an interview with Time, former homeland security chief Tom Ridge worries about complacency surrounding national preparedness.

Fifty-Four Minutes After Midnight

- The head of security at Delaware State University, in Dover, Delaware, discusses how his school activated its crisis management plan when a shooting occurred and some of the lessons learned.

Keys to Fraud Prevention

- Security can take the lead in spearheading a fraud-prevention program, which should have three components: governance, implementation, and compliance.

Stay Safe at College

- This two-part DVD helps educators and students address the security concerns surrounding a young person's transistion to college.

Visualizing Safer Evacuations

- Two new tools may help people get out of a building quickly and safely during an emergency.

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