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Urban Area Perspective - Salt Lake City

- Security Management interviews Alice D. Johnson, executive director of Utah's Salt Lake Urban Area. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Planning for Tumultuous Times

- When employees are caught in a crisis like the Egyptian political upheaval or Japan's earthquake and tsunami, a company has to be able to quickly communicate with them and help them get safely out of the danger zone.

Think Tank Recommends Frank Discussion About Individual Responsibility During Disasters

- The federal government has to have a "frank discussion" with the American people about what constitutes an acceptable amount of risk as it invests in resilience, according to a report from a homeland security think tank.

Disaster Mitigation

- The National Building Museum and the Industry Council for the Built Environment have reported on the proceedings of a conference that addressed how planning and engineering can mitigate the effects of large-scale disasters (.pdf).

Built-In Resilience

- The American Society of Civil Engineers offers a guidance document for policymakers and practitioners with an eye toward having resilience capabilities built into the next generation of critical infrastructure (.pdf).

Infrastructure Resilience

- The Department of Defense offers a succinct guide (.pdf) for boosting resilience across more than a dozen sectors and elements of critical infrastructure.

How to Take a Punch

- The U.S. government wants infrastructure owner-operators to prepare resilience plans so that they can "take a punch" from terrorists and get back up off the mat.

Urban Area Perspective - Dallas

- Security Management interviews Kenny Shaw, director of the Office of Emergency Management for the city of Dallas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to Help Those With Special Needs Prepare Before a Disaster Strikes

- Assisting those with special needs before a disaster strikes requires inclusive planning, exhaustive outreach, and an informed approach to privacy and federal disability law, explains Assistant Editor Joseph Straw.

Emergency Management

- The federal government offers a succinct checklist document to ensure that emergency shelters are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Emergency Management

- ♦The Department of Justice offers a range of documents aimed at helping facility operators ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ♦ FEMA has issued guidance for making all emergency shelters accessible to special needs populations (.pdf), including the elderly and the disabled. ♦ The City of San Jose, California has developed its own guide for sheltering vulnerable populations (.pdf).

Emergency Operations

- FEMA recently updated its comprehensive preparedness guide (.pdf) for developing and maintaining emergency operations plans.

Urban Area Perspective – San Francisco

- Security Management interviews Rob Dudgeon, deputy director of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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