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Security Manager's Guide to Disasters: Managing Through Emergencies, Violence, and Other Workplace Threats

- A costly overview of security-manager best practices in a book that doesn't bother to give the author's biography or professional credentials.

Disaster Recovery

- Can rebuilding after a disaster present an opportunity for rebirth?

Communicating Emergency Preparedness: Strategies for Creating a Disaster Resilient Public

- A solid read that teaches security professionals how to communicate the appropriate message during an emergency.

Managing the Risk of Catastrophic Weather

- At War with the Weather represents a tour de force in the analysis of how natural disasters—specifically hurricanes—are mitigated, insured against, and recovered from in the United States.

Hospitals Should Band Together Before The Next Crisis Hits

- A new report from the Center for Biosecurity recommends that every hospital in the country make common cause and form healthcare coalitions.

Can Making Utilities and Appliances Smarter Prove Foolhardy?

- The so-called smart grid is all the rage, but rushing headlong into networked utilities may not be wise, according to John Bumgarner, the chief technology officer for the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, in July's podcast.

Getting Ahead of Ourselves with Smart Energy

- How the rise of smart energy is making America's energy infrastructure more vulnerable to attack.

Organizational Resilience

- The U.S. Government Accountability Office sought to define the concept of organizational resilience and identify its constituent parts within organizations (.pdf). To do so, the GAO set its sights on one of the world’s largest financial institutions: the Internal Revenue Service.

Healthcare Coalitions

- A recent report on healthcare catastrophes emphasized the need for healthcare providers, like providers in other sectors, to form regional planning coalitions to ensure continuity during major events (.pdf).


- RPCfirst seeks to duplicate the information-sharing and preparedness successes of Chicago’s financial sector. Find a group in your area or learn more about the model, which participants say can be duplicated in any industry, in any region.


- A report by the U.S. nonprofit Council on Competitiveness examines the emerging concept of resilience in the context of both security and competitiveness.

Urban Area Perspective - Atlanta

- Security Management interviews Tony Carper, director of the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency.

Hotel Makes Room for Resilience

- In anticipation of the 2010 Federation Internale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup in South Africa, Tsogo Sun Group implemented ASIS International's organizational resilience standard to provide a comprehensive approach to security, crisis preparedness, and continuity management for its hotel properties.

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