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At War With the Weather: Managing Large-Scale Risk in a New Era of Catastrophes

- At War with the Weather represents a tour de force in the analysis of how natural disasters—specifically hurricanes—are mitigated, insured against, and recovered from financially in the United States.

Crisis Mapping

- During the Haiti earthquake, volunteers used open-source crisis mapping software to help relief workers find victims and plot resources. Download the free version online.

Healthcare Coalitions

- The healthcare industry, like other sectors, should form regional planning coalitions of service providers to ensure continuity during catastrophic health events, according to the Center for Biosecurity of UPMC.

Plan to Prevail

- By creating a crisis management plan, security managers can help ensure that employees know what to do when danger strikes. (Online Exclusive)

Urban Area Perspective - New Orleans

- Security Management interviews Lt. Col. Jerry Sneed, USMC (Ret.).

Interoperable Communications Technologies Need Uniform Testing Standards, Official Says

- The lack of a uniform product testing program for emergency communications equipment means first responders could buy radios they believe are interoperable but fail to deliver during a disaster, a government official told Congress today.

Introduction to Homeland Security, Third Edition: Principles of All-Hazards Response

- The third edition of Introduction to Homeland Security gives an excellent and comprehensive look at how different agencies cooperate to manage risk across the United States.

Lessons Learned from Chile's Earthquake

- While Chile fared much better than Haiti after recent earthquakes, many organizations discovered they weren't actually prepared to respond to and recover from the disaster.

Web 2.0 Helps in Disaster

- In the devastation left by the recent earthquake in Haiti, a Web-based crisis-mapping program helped rescuers locate those in danger.

Lessons in Building Public-Private Partnerships From the Seattle Area

- Effective homeland security relies on good public-private relationships between government and the private sector. Seattle and its suburbs show how such relationships are built.

DHS Focuses on Long-Term Recovery After a Disaster

- A new federal draft framework for disaster management focuses on the long-term recovery plans of the nation based on an all-hazards approach that doesn't overemphasize terrorism.

Maintenance of U.S. Tsunami Detection Buoys Difficult and Costly, GAO Reports

- The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is having a hard-time maintaining its network of expensive high-tech tsunami detection buoys, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released Wednesday.

Disaster Recovery

- Having developed guidelines for preparedness and response, FEMA has issued a draft of a proposed National Disaster Recovery Framework, laying out critical steps in long-term recovery from disasters. Read the draft and comments online.

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