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State Perspective - Arkansas

- Interview with David Maxwell, director of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management

After the Flood

- How officials in Tabasco, Mexico, responded to a dangerous flood caused by a tropical storm in 2007.

DHS Seeks Seamless Transition

- Leaders of key homeland security agencies should be chosen and vetted before the next President takes the oath of office.

Houston First Responders to Go Interoperable

- Houston should soon award a $107 million contract with Motorola to provide the city's first responders with an interoperable radio system for emergency response.

Workplace Strategies for Pandemic Preparedness

- This video, along with its materials, acts as a starter kit for creating a pandemic preparedness plan at work.

A Deadly Serious Game

- Simulated exercises of a flu pandemic show firms have not planned adequately for business continuity.

State Perspective - Washington

- Interview with James M. Mullen, director of Washington State's Emergency Management Division

Pandemic Preparedness

- Financial institutions in the U.S. and the U.K. have plenty of lessons to learn from recent pandemic flu exercises, a new U.S. Treasury report says.

Pandemic Planning for Healthcare Security

- A pandemic may precipitate violence as the sick and their love ones rush to nearby medical facilities. Security professionals and facility managers need to plan in advance for such scenarios. (Online Exclusive)

New Orleans Survives Hurricane Gustav; Evacuation Praised

- Hurricane Gustav weakened to a Category 2 hurricane before it made landfall 70 miles southwest of New Orleans, reducing the damage to Southern Louisiana and offshore oil refineries in the Gulf.

State Perspective - Florida

- An interview with W. Craig Fugate, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Pandemic Threat: Nothing to Sneeze at

- Pandemic readiness—successes and setbacks.

It's Time to Plan

- The threat of a pandemic is real, but business planning is lagging. Find out what practices can help your company survive a worldwide influenza incident. Letters: Congressional attempts to limit the use of pretexting in investigations are debated.

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