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Crisis Communications

- Research into the quality of radio frequencies when used underground could result in better communication among first responders.

Introduction to Emergency Management, Third Edition

- The updated version of the seminal text on emergency management.

State Perspective - Maine

- Interview with Robert P. McAleer, director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency.

Hard Questions in Emergency Critical Care

- The federal government and the medical profession face a thorny question: who would and would not receive emergency treatment during a pandemic or large-scale emergency?

Pandemic Flu

- The ACLU slams the federal government for pursuing a "law enforcement and national security" approach to the threat of pandemic influenza, rather than a public health approach.

Pandemic Planning

- A panel of physicians has issued guidelines on which high-risk patients to deny medical care to in the event of a public-health emergency, such as pandemic flu.

Managing Flood Risk a Shared Responsibility, Army Official Says

- The federal government is not the only player in protecting the country from flooding, an Army official told a congressional hearing today.

Lights Out: The Electricity Crisis, the Global Economy, and What It Means to You

- Understanding our dependence on the uninterrupted flow of electricity and how fragile the electrical grid has become.

State Perspective - Idaho

- Interview with Col. William Shawver, director of the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security.


- Find out how firefighting groups have updated an emergency incident rehabilitation manual to better protect firefighters and first responders.

Customer Service During a Crisis: Apologize and Move On

- Why calling the lawyers is not the best way to deal with angry customers, regulators, and the media, says a crisis communications consultant at this year's World Conference on Disaster Management in Toronto.

Emergency Managers: Annual Hurricane Season Predictions are Bunk

- Emergency managers take annual hurricane season predictions with a grain of salt; forecasters say they never claimed to have a crystal ball.

State Perspective - Oklahoma

- Interview with Kerry Pettingill, director of the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security.

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