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Protecting Liquid Assets

- Water utilities were ordered by Congress to conduct vulnerability assessments after 9-11. The results of those assessments have awakened many utilities to the need for water-contamination warning systems, but a series of challenges lie ahead, including which technology to choose, which contaminants to monitor, where to place sensors, and how to analyze monitoring data. @ Contamination Warning Systems for Water: An Approach for Providing Actionable Information to Decision-Makers

Preparing Fire Wardens

- Training fire wardens, who are typically nonsecurity staff, is key to safe evacuations

Did You Know That?

- Anthrax attacks; China's demand for contractual security services.

Terrorist tactics

- “Coordinated Terrorist Attacks: Implications for Local Responders,” an article in a recent FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, explores these types of attacks and provides advice for first responders. The prospect of coordinated attacks makes it advisable for responders to decentralize equipment and personnel, say authors Brian K. Houghton and Jonathan M. Schacter. Further, responders should avoid deploying all their resources after an attack, lest they be targeted by a secondary attack or be needed elsewhere. Responders should also anticipate being attacked, say the authors, and work with law enforcement to establish a secure perimeter far from the site of the first attack, to sweep for secondary devices, and to monitor bystanders who may be witnesses or terrorists themselves.

Larstan’s The Black Book on Corporate Security

- Jim Kennedy’s chapter, “Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery,” deserves special mention because it is an excellent overview of the changes to traditional disaster planning brought about by the World Trade Center attacks. Less successful is a chapter entitled “Blending Corporate Governance with Corporate Security,” which discusses Sarbanes-Oxley. The author asserts that Section 404 of the act deals with “systems of control,” which he says are by their very nature computer information systems. Yet Section 404 does not specifically mention computer systems, and any security requirements beyond those necessary to ensure accurate financial accounting and reporting are beyond the scope of Sarbanes-Oxley. To flatly state that increased information security measures are required under this law is misleading.

Preparing Places of Refuge

- Problems with the Louisiana Superdome raise questions about how evacuation sites are chosen.

Distilled Protection

- One chemical manufacturer discusses how it protects its facilities.

Fraternité, Sororité, Fire Safety

- The University of Florida has developed a scoring system that has led to fire-safety improvements in Greek fraternity and sorority housing.

How Safe Are Our Labs?

- Before they receive government authorization, labs handling dangerous biological specimens must show they have incident response plans.

No Lights, No Camera, Just Action

- Emergency response and disaster management plans shouldn't be filed away until the day they are needed, but tested regularly to identify weaknesses and improve plans. Learn the eight major areas that must be tested and how to stage an exercise.

A Secure Backup Plan

- Through the company’s Internet service provider, Ladd learned about Arsenal Digital Solutions, a North Carolina company offering a number of storage and disaster-recovery solutions. Ladd looked at one solution, ViaRemote, and did a cost-benefit analysis that showed that Strahan would save enough on Ladd’s labor alone to pay for it. He decided a day later to give ViaRemote a try.

Hospitals Join EOC Teams

- Florida, which has a lot of experience with hurricanes, has found a way to improve the coordination of healthcare services in such events.

Too Much Focus on Terrorism?

- A recent GAO report that predated Katrina is nonetheless right on point in looking at the dangers of a federal response effort that focuses too heavily on terrorism.

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