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Two Titans Team Up for National Preparedness and Response

- The Red Cross and the Business Roundtable have joined forces to strengthen the nation's disaster preparedness and response.

Turmoil in Latin America

- Recent shifts to the political left by countries in Latin America mean that companies doing business there are well advised to reevaluate their security posture.

Dealing Artfully with Disaster

- Bracing museums against natural disasters requires a thoughtful combination of practical design, proper planning, drills that simulate real-life disasters, and useful technology.


- A new Missouri law (formerly H.B. 413) requires that the state set up a vaccination program for first responders who would be deployed to disaster areas as a result of bioterrorism. Participation in the program is voluntary except for those first responders identified by their employers as personnel who cannot safely perform their emergency duties without the vaccinations

State Perspective - Missouri

- Interview with Paul H. Fennewald, Missouri's homeland security coordinator.


- 37 Percentage of Latinos in Los Angeles who have gathered emergency supplies for the aftermath of a terrorist attack, according to the RAND Corporation.

Database Drills Public Health

- The database is part of a larger initiative to evaluate public health preparedness and educate officials on methods for improvement. Rand has also produced studies that evaluate public health preparedness, test public health disease reporting systems, and create best practices for public health officials.

Keeping Track of Firefighters

- When the Twin Towers fell after the 9-11 attacks, many firefighters lost their lives because there was no way to electronically pinpoint their locations or to tell them that the buildings were about to collapse. Since then, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has been seeking solutions to the communication and tracking problems that firefighters face in high-rise buildings.

Here's the Drill

- RAND Corporation has created a searchable database of exercises and drills that can be adapted for use by any organization.

Court Security

- The New York State Unified Court System has recommended more than 40 measures to improve court security.


- A controversial third stairwell is one of the new building code requirements for high rises issued after a three-year study done in the wake of 9-11.

Rail Security

- Resources committed to protecting the nation’s railways are inadequate, concluded researchers. They recommend legislation to identify threats, clarify public-private sector security roles, and provide more funding.

Business News

- The fifth European Security Conference will be held in Nice, France; and ASIS and NASCO rebut a newspaper article critical of security officers. Also, Howard Moster, CPP, PSP, is profiled.

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