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Flu Preparedness

- Check out this checklist intended to help businesses prepare for the worst if a flu pandemic hits.

Predicting Events

- A study of advanced data analytics and other predictive software looks at the potential for predicting terrorist attacks.

Huge Earthquake off Sumatra Stokes Tsunami Fears

- Coastal inhabitants fear a tsunami similar to 2004.

Will Belgium Go the Way of Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia?

- Belgium's three-month crisis continues. Is disintegration round the corner?

First-Responder Testers Sought

- Video-game technology being adapted to help train first responders. One of the latest examples is Hazmat: Hotzone, a program being developed by the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with the Fire Department of New York to train first responders to deal with hazardous materials. @ If you wish to participate in the beta testing, sign up on the Hazmat: Hotzone mailing list and express your interest. A link on SM Online takes you to the sign-up page.

Germ of an Idea

- Is the national flu strategy the right plan?

Masters of Disasters

- Find out what firms that provide disaster recovery assistance have learned from a year of back-to-back naural disasters.

Va. Tech Report: Police Preparedness and Response Outstanding

- University police had mutual aid agreements with other law enforcement agencies and trained and practiced active shooter response plans with local police.

Tsunami Warning

- Due to be completed by the end of 2008, a system of buoys will provide advance warning of a tsunami to countries that border India.

State Perspective – Kansas

- An interview with Maj. General Tod M. Bunting.

The Long Road to Secure Infrastructure

- New government plans to protect critical infrastructure lack substance despite a decade-long effort by federal officials and private-sector partners.

Waive Goodbye to Liability

- Penetration testing of a computer network requires careful planning and limits on the scope of work.

Critical Infrastructure

- How the U.S. hopes to protect critical infrastructure and key resources through public-private partnerships is in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and seven unclassified sector-specific plans.

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