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Trade secrets

- An Ohio appeals court has ruled in favor of a preliminary injunction barring an employee from using his former employer’s information in his new job. However, the court ruled that some of the information taken by the employee could not be included in the injunction because the company failed to take sufficient steps to protect it. (Liebert Corporation v. John Mazur, Ohio Court of Appeals, No. 1-04-2794, 2005)

Checking on Sarbanes-Oxley

- Companies that have found SOX compliance far too costly have probably implemented measures well beyond the letter of the law.

The Inside Story on Outsource Planning

- When companies outsource their security functions, attention to detail, planning, and analysis are critical.

Putting the Praise in Appraisals

- An effective performance-appraisal system ensures that employee issues are dealt with continually, not only at yearly reviews.

Labor Law's Changing Tides

- Six new cases issued by the National Labor Relations Board reverse longstanding trends and establish new rules between employers and employees.

Legal Report

- Sexual harassment and wrongful termination in the courts. Also, what’s new in Congress and the state legislatures

Civil Liberties vs. National Security in a Post-9/11 World

- The book has six parts, with writings ranging from the historical to the latest in current thought. A discussion of civil liberties during wartime leads off the book. Selections from the U.S. Constitution and a federal habeas corpus statute round out the first chapter and provide a legal context for the subject.

Workers compensation

- Texas lawmakers have enacted a law (formerly H.B. 7) that will overhaul the state’s workers’ compensation program. The new law, which will take effect this month, abolishes the current Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission and replaces it with the Office of Injured Employee Public Counsel. The law, meant to cut costs, will operate like an HMO, where injured workers see doctors approved by the commission and work within certain medical networks.


- Legislators in Alaska have approved a bill (H.B. 184) that would allow citizens of the state to keep guns in their cars at all times. The bill has been approved by both houses of the state legislature and is now awaiting the governor’s signature.The bill would allow employees to have guns in their cars even if the cars are parked in workplace parking lots, as long as they are beyond 300 feet from a secured restricted access area. Under the bill, this practice would be allowed even if organizations have policies prohibiting firearms on company property.

Personality Test

- A federal appeals court has ruled that personality tests are considered medical tests under ADA.

Legal Report

- A transit company is not liable for hiring an employee who raped a customer. Also, federal legislation on making the Patriot Act permanent, fighting counterfeit drugs, and tracking radiation sources.

How to Handle Disability Issues

- Here’s what your company needs to know to avoid charges of disability discrimination.

Counterfeit drugs

- A bill (H.R. 2345) introduced by Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) is designed to combat the counterfeiting and adulteration of prescription drugs.

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