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State Legislation: North Dakota: Contraband

- A new bill (S.B. 2114) introduced in North Dakota would make it illegal for an inmate in a correctional facility to manufacture, possess, or use any type of wireless communication device. The measure would also make it illegal for anyone to deliver or attempt to deliver such a device to an inmate.  

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Retail Theft

- Three bills currently under consideration in Congress would establish programs to combat organized retail theft: S. 470, H.R. 1173, and H.R. 1166.

Do Improvement Districts Cut Crime?

- Researchers find greater reductions in business improvement districts, but experts say the model is not a panacea.

Confessions Corrupting Witnesses

- Eyewitness misidentification is the number one cause of wrongful criminal prosecutions, accounting for 75 percent of the prisoners exonerated due to DNA evidence.

Transnational Organized Crime Threatens U.S. Economy, National Security, CRS Says

- As organized crime gets more and more transnational, the Congressional Research Service warns it threatens U.S. national security and the U.S. economy.

Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference

- Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention is poised to become the authoritative security reference for the retail industry.

Eyewitness Testimony

- Would knowledge of a confession influence your memory of a crime you witnessed? Researchers say it could. See the research online.

Gang Problem at Worst Level Since 1990s

- National Youth Gang Survey highlights from 2007 reveal that nearly one-third of surveyed jurisdictions experienced gang problems in 2007, which is the highest level since before 2000.

Bank Crime Surges in 4th Quarter 2008, but Down for Year

- The amount of bank crimes rose significantly in the last quarter of 2008 but is down overall from the past two years, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Fighting Stalking

- A recent survey finds that approximately 3.4 million Americans have experienced stalking over a 12-month period, although what constitutes the crime makes it difficult to prosecute.

Gang Activity

- There are more than 1 million gang members in 20,000 gangs operating across the United States, according to the FBI's annual National Gang Threat Assessment 2009.

Shootings in Alabama and Germany Kill Over 20 Combined

- A man in Alabama and a 17-year-old boy in Germany went on similar shooting sprees Tuesday and Wednesday morning, killing over 20 people.

Organized Crime Embraces Film Piracy; Terrorists May Follow, Report Says

- Film piracy by organized crime is flourishing worldwide, with some of the proceeds possibly financing terrorism, according to a new report from the RAND Corp. financed by the Motion Picture Association.

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