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Gunman Murders 9, Then Shoots Self at Finnish School

- Police had questioned the suspect yesterday regarding videos showing him shooting a handgun but determined not to terminate his gun license.

Violent Crime

- Three academics, a police chief, and a reverend addressed the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday on developing new strategies for tackling violent crime across the country.

Concealed Weapon Laws Make Security Practitioners Worried

- Security practitioners surveyed as part of an ASIS International Foundation report worry that workplace violence will increase in states that have liberalized concealed-weapon laws.

Police Leaders Call for National Criminal Justice, Homeland Security Assessment

- The country’s police chiefs have asked that the next president commission a major evaluation of how the country fights crime and terrorism, as law enforcement’s expanded responsibilities stretch its resources.

Senate Holds Hearing on Cruise Ship Security

- In a Senate subcommittee hearing, witnesses and lawmakers discussed the lack of security standards for cruise ships.

Cracking Down on Sex Trafficking

- The United States government is at the "end of the beginning" of raising public awareness about modern sex slavery, says an American ambassador.


- 80 The percentage of banks in Asia without a formal plan to create customer awareness of online financial fraud, according to a survey by Readiminds.

Supply-Chain Security

- As supply chains expand in size and complexity due to globalization, criminals have an easier time defrauding businesses, says a new report from Kroll.

Click to Send Illegal Money

- Criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists have a new way of transferring money undetected: disposable cell phones. Regulators appear unsure how to react.

Gangs: Experts Advocate Prevention over Prosecution and Prison

- Experts tell Congress that gang prevention strategies work better and are more cost effective than prosecution and prison.

FBI: Violent and Property Crime Down in 2007

- Violent and property crime have decreased in 2007, reports the FBI, but government officials say one year does not establish a trend.

Arms Smuggling

- American arms are fueling Mexico’s murderous drug war. Discover what was revealed in recent congressional hearings.

Insider Theft, Fires, and Vandals Top List of Museum Concerns

- Museums should address insider threats.

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