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Spam Kings Canned in U.S.

- A federal judge shuts down the operations of companies allegedly responsible for 1 billion spam messages, but the e-mails keep streaming in from overseas.

British Police, Prison Officials Fear the WASP Knife

- The U.S.-manufactured knife is designed to kill bears and sharks and can freeze a target's organs when it's plunged into the body.

Laptop Theft

- BOMA Calgary has released its 2007 study on Laptop Theft in Commercial Buildings. Check out which types of buildings are the most vulnerable.

Gunman Murders 9, Then Shoots Self at Finnish School

- Police had questioned the suspect yesterday regarding videos showing him shooting a handgun but determined not to terminate his gun license.

Violent Crime

- Three academics, a police chief, and a reverend addressed the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday on developing new strategies for tackling violent crime across the country.

Concealed Weapon Laws Make Security Practitioners Worried

- Security practitioners surveyed as part of an ASIS International Foundation report worry that workplace violence will increase in states that have liberalized concealed-weapon laws.

Police Leaders Call for National Criminal Justice, Homeland Security Assessment

- The country’s police chiefs have asked that the next president commission a major evaluation of how the country fights crime and terrorism, as law enforcement’s expanded responsibilities stretch its resources.

Senate Holds Hearing on Cruise Ship Security

- In a Senate subcommittee hearing, witnesses and lawmakers discussed the lack of security standards for cruise ships.

Cracking Down on Sex Trafficking

- The United States government is at the "end of the beginning" of raising public awareness about modern sex slavery, says an American ambassador.


- 80 The percentage of banks in Asia without a formal plan to create customer awareness of online financial fraud, according to a survey by Readiminds.

Supply-Chain Security

- As supply chains expand in size and complexity due to globalization, criminals have an easier time defrauding businesses, says a new report from Kroll.

Click to Send Illegal Money

- Criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists have a new way of transferring money undetected: disposable cell phones. Regulators appear unsure how to react.

Gangs: Experts Advocate Prevention over Prosecution and Prison

- Experts tell Congress that gang prevention strategies work better and are more cost effective than prosecution and prison.

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