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FBI: Violent and Property Crime Down in 2007

- Violent and property crime have decreased in 2007, reports the FBI, but government officials say one year does not establish a trend.

Arms Smuggling

- American arms are fueling Mexico’s murderous drug war. Discover what was revealed in recent congressional hearings.

Insider Theft, Fires, and Vandals Top List of Museum Concerns

- Museums should address insider threats.

Euro Counterfeiting

- Euros were said to be immune to counterfeiting, but officials last year admitted an increase in seizures of fake bills and coins. Find out how counterfeiters do it.

São Paulo Progress

- Learn how São Paulo, Brazil, has cut murders by two-thirds since 2000 and may finally reduce homicides below the UN’s threshold definition of epidemic violence.

College Crime Day

- Division-I college football games cause an uptick in crime, a new study finds, but it worsens when an upset occurs.

Discouraging Loiterers by Design

- Urban properties that face challenges from loiterers, such as the homeless, can use crime prevention through environmental design principles to solve the problem.

College Football's Crime Connection

- New research indicates that communities that host college football games experience more assaults on game day, especially if the home team loses.

Reclaiming Stolen Assets from Corrupt Autocrats

- Anti-corruption advocates are finding international opposition to legal regimes to reclaim looted assets, but the tide may be turning.

Spike in Fake Euros Raises Concern

- Thought immune to counterfeiting, police in the European Union are seizing more and more fake euros.

São Paulo Makes Headway Against Crime

- More police on the street, a focus on hotspots, and better equipment are among the factors helping this Brazilian state reduce its murder rate.

Justice Department Releases Regulations for Expanded DNA Collection

- The U.S. Department of Justice has released regulations that will expand the federal DNA database.

Laptop LoJack Leads to Baggage Handlers' Arrest

- Three baggage handlers at Tampa International Airport were arrested after an anti-theft tracking device led police to a laptop they had stolen.

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