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State Legislation: Wisconsin: RFID

- A bill (A.B. 488) introduced in the Wisconsin Assembly would prohibit the sale of consumer goods equipped with RFID tags unless the seller renders the tags inoperable before the consumer takes possession of the items.

Fighting Fraud: How to Establish and Manage an Anti-Fraud Program

- Get the practical advice needed to develop a successful anti-fraud program.

Risk and Reward in Global Markets

- A recent analysis of crime trends around the world shines a spotlight on Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

New Report Says Right-Wing Extremism Growing in U.S.

- The Southern Poverty Law Center says there has been a sharp increase in hate crimes against Hispanics, but a prominent immigration reform group named in the report says the data is misleading.

U.S. Federal Legislation: Domestic Violence

- A bill (H.R. 4015) introduced by Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) would prohibit employers from discriminating against employees who are victims of stalking.

Slavery and Human Trafficking

- Slavery is becoming more common in the West as well as in developing countries, according to the Department of State’s annual report on human trafficking. In 2007, a California company settled a slavery case with the US government and Gap Inc. announced an investigation into subcontractor use of forced child labor.

School Safety

- School crime rates are holding steady, a new report informs, after falling for more than a decade.


- Discover the shocking amount of money that shrinkage costs the retail industry in the first-ever survey of its kind.

Grand Theft Auto

- The European Union has brought increasing economic prosperity to its members, but it has also created a single market that car thieves exploit shrewdly. Here is the data from Eurostat, Europol, Interpol, and the FBI.

Slaves in the Global Supply Chain

- While formally abolished in most countries, slavery has crept into the global supply chain.

Europe's Car Thieves Go Upscale

- Europe's stolen car industry—a network of thieves, mechanics, document forgers, and car dealers—now targets luxury vehicles.

U.K.: A New Device Stops Youth Loitering and Ticks Off Civil Liberties' Groups

- The Mosquito, an anti-loitering device, delivers a high-pitched squeal only audible, for the most part, to those under the age of 25.

Quebec Police Break Up Hacking Syndicate

- The hacking ring caused $44.3 million in damage and compromised over 100,000 computers in 100 countries.

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