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Gun Laws Criticized After NIU Massacre

- Critics say gun law loopholes allow mentally ill people access to firearms.

Specter: Deport Convicted Illegal Immigrants

- Senator says the cost of incarcerating illegal aliens combined with high rates of recidivism make deportation logical.

Art Heist in Zurich Significant in Terms of Money and Tactics

- A heist in broad daylight in Zurich may signal a new tactic being used by art thieves.

U.K. to Liberalize Police Stop and Search Powers

- Both Labour and Conservative parties want to scrap stop and search forms they say waste police's precious time.

The Potential Dangers of Online Contributions

- Cybersecurity experts warn that phishers' next target may be online political contributions.

Strategies to Combat Youth Violence

- Groups that work to reduce problems that can lead to violence among young people are trying to coordinate their efforts to enhance results.

Tools for Preventing Counterfeiting

- The United States has recently proposed a new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. Assuming the treaty gets ratified, the key to its effectiveness will be for it to receive enough funding from the participating governments.

New in Plaintext

- A review of Cyber Crime Investigations - Bridging the Gaps Between Security Professionals, Law Enforcement, and Prosecutors by Anthony Reyes et al.

Police Strive, But Mafia Still Thrives

- The Mafia in Sicily has never been more powerful, or profitable, says a new Italian report.

La Cosa Nostra

- Despite police efforts to stamp out La Cosa Nostra in Italy, it seems to survive—and thrive, accounting for 7 percent of Italy’s GDP, says the Italian business association Confesercenti. (The report is in Itailian.) Read the Italian banking association’s report on surging bank robberies, also in Italian, here.

Murders at Schools Drop

- School associated homicides account for less than 1 percent of all murders in the same age group.

New York City Murders Fall Once Again

- New York City's murder rate could be its lowest in 40 years.

EU Expansion Poses Security Problems

- Security technologies' prospects rated, EU fears expansion of crime with expansion of borders, advice on reducing false alarms, and more

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