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Aptitude for Destruction: Organizational Learning in Terrorist Groups and Its Implications for Combating Terrorism

- Readers come to understand the backgrounds, operations and tactics, training methods, logistics, and intelligence operations of these groups.

Corporate Crooks: How Rogue Executives Ripped Off Americans…and Congress Helped Them Do It!

- The period from the late 1990s into the early years of the 21st century is likely the best-documented era of corporate scandal in history.  In Corporate Crooks, Greg Farrell, an investigative reporter for USA Today, offers a simple primer on the subject.

Laptop Security

- Read about the staggering economic costs downtown Calgary experienced due to laptops stolen from tenant space.

Exploits of the Nigerian Con Man

- Named for the section of the 1958 Nigerian Criminal Code that makes it illegal, the modus operandi should be familiar to all readers: a powerful person’s relative has access to huge money and needs your help laundering it.

Haitian Money Laundering

- The fight against money laundering in Haiti.

Afghanistan's Opium Addiction

- Afghanistan's booming opium trade.

Youth Street Gangs Threaten London

- It's not just the United States and Latin America where youth gang-related violence and drug dealing has become an epidemic, but London as well.

Violent Crime

- Violent crime has soared over the past two years finds a report from the Police Executive Research Forum. Alarmingly, murder has risen 10.2 percent since 2004.

Campus Crime

- Check out the latest statistics on criminal offenses on college and university campuses from the FBI.

The Language of Deception

- Regardless of their nationality, criminals share one trait: They think they can fool interrogators with clever stories.

Counterfeiting and Piracy

- Learn how companies such as Ford, New Balance, and Purdue Pharma have secured their supply chains from counterfeit and pirated goods.

Eastern Inscrutability

- Despite U.S. fears to the contrary, transnational crimes in Asia do not pose a threat to American interests.

Information Brokers

- Several states passed laws to make it illegal for information brokers to obtain information by pretending to be the consumer or someone else with legal access to the data—a practice known as pretexting.

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