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FBI Instructional Video Shows How Surveillance Cameras Can Help

- The FBI has released a 20-minute video that shows how private sector use of surveillance cameras can aid law enforcement.

Morning Security Brief: Bank Crime Stats, Airport Security Wait Times, and Whole-Body Scanners

- Only 4 percent of bank crimes are violent, says FBI; Government wants to track your personal device at airport to assess wait times; and whole-body scanners at airports could become compulsory.

Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis

- The 24 contributors of this book make it a virtual "who's who" of modern international criminology.

Handbook of Crime Prevention and Community Safety

- This book is a basic textbook on criminology that concentrates on police and fails to mention the private security industry.

State Legislation: Washington: Stalking

- A new law (formerly S.B. 1856) establishes new rights for tenants who are being stalked or harassed by their landlords or employees of their landlords. Under the new law, such victims may be released from the terms of their rental agreement. If the victim wishes to stay in the property, he or she may change the locks on their doors without the landlord’s permission. If the harasser has left the landlord’s employ, the tenant must provide the landlord with a key to the new lock. If the tenant has a restraining order against the landlord, the tenant need not provide a key. In such cases, the landlord may enter the rental property in an emergency if accompanied by law enforcement or a fire official acting in his or her official capacity.

ASIS Report Tackles Preventing Burglaries at Businesses

- While burglary rates continue to slide internationally, the crime continues to victimize businesses disproportionately more than houses, according to a new CRISP report.


- A California court has ruled that a company can be responsible for a crash that occurred after a tow truck was stolen from its parking lot. The convicted gang member crashed the truck into a bus stop, killing three people.

I Spy with My Electronic Eye

- The city of Birmingham is using a new kind of video analytic to help it catch and curtail criminal behavior in public streets.

Robbery Risk Reduction

- Banks seek ways to remain open for business without being a place where robbers can bank on easy money.

Hear About a Court Ruling on "Suicide by Cop" and other issues from the December Podcast

- Join editor Laura Spadanuta as she talks with staff editors and security practitioners about issues covered in this month's magazine, including the problems encountered when someone decides to commit "suicide by cop" and how stores are using technology to fight loss from internal and external theft.

Forensic Science

- Forget everything you’ve seen on TV’s CSI, DNA analysis is the only proven forensic science, reports the National Academy of Science.

Solving Employee Theft: New Insights, New Tactics

- In Solving Employee Theft, the author pitches his own questionnaire to employers to narrow down which employees may have stolen from them.

The Facebook Alibi: A Status Update Helps Prove a Suspect's Innocence

- Rodney Bradford's status update on Facebook helped him prove his innocence after he was arrested for a crime he didn't commit.

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