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I Spy with My Electronic Eye

- The city of Birmingham is using a new kind of video analytic to help it catch and curtail criminal behavior in public streets.

Robbery Risk Reduction

- Banks seek ways to remain open for business without being a place where robbers can bank on easy money.

Hear About a Court Ruling on "Suicide by Cop" and other issues from the December Podcast

- Join editor Laura Spadanuta as she talks with staff editors and security practitioners about issues covered in this month's magazine, including the problems encountered when someone decides to commit "suicide by cop" and how stores are using technology to fight loss from internal and external theft.

Forensic Science

- Forget everything you’ve seen on TV’s CSI, DNA analysis is the only proven forensic science, reports the National Academy of Science.

Solving Employee Theft: New Insights, New Tactics

- In Solving Employee Theft, the author pitches his own questionnaire to employers to narrow down which employees may have stolen from them.

The Facebook Alibi: A Status Update Helps Prove a Suspect's Innocence

- Rodney Bradford's status update on Facebook helped him prove his innocence after he was arrested for a crime he didn't commit.

Internet Posting by Alleged Ft. Hood Killer Showed Sympathy with Suicide Bombers

- Before entering the Ft. Hood Soldier Readiness Center and murdering 13 soldiers and wounding 30 more yesterday afternoon, the alleged killer may have already been on law enforcement radar for online postings he made, according to the Associated Press.

Ft. Hood Gunman Alive After Killing 12, Wounding 31 in Shooting Rampage

- The shooter, Malik Nadal Hassan, was an Army psychiatrist about to be deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq. (Updated @ 10 P.M.)

Retail Industry Presses Congress to Pass Bills to Fight Organized Retail Crime

- A congressman, a police officer, and representatives from the retailer sector today called on Congress to pass federal legislation to close loopholes that allow organized criminal gangs to resell massive amounts of stolen goods from retailers for hefty profits across state and national boundaries.

Global Fraud Report Finds Effects of Recession Mixed

- A new report on global fraud examines trends by sector and by geographic region. Overall, the incidence of fraud year-over-year from the 2008 survey is about the same, but average loss per company has edged up from $8.2 million to $8.8 million. And that average masks larger differences among specific sectors.

ATM Crime

- A new report by an EU group advises consumers on how to avoid becoming a victim of escalating ATM crime throughout Europe.

Chicago Public School System's Anti-Violence Plan Pins Its Hope on Data Analysis

- The head of Chicago's public school system, Ron Huberman, is hoping data analysis can do what traditional security policies could not: protect those students most at risk of becoming victims of violent crime and then flood them with adult supervision, reports The New York Times.

Gun Violence

- A federally funded program to reduce gun violence has been in place for years in the United States, but it is not implemented consistently across the country. A new report examines how well it’s been working.

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