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Wind-Driven Fires

- The National Institute of Standards and Technology has produced a free two-DVD set that provides insight on fighting wind-driven fires through three different techniques.

Firefighting Robots Protect London

- A team of firefighting robots has helped the London Fire Brigade avoid injuries and public disruptions associated with acetylene-based cylinder fires.

America's Fire and Security Expo Product Showcase

- Products from the floor of America's Fire and Security Expo coming to Miami Beach, Florida, from July 28 to 30.

Some Wildfires in Australia Believed to be the Work of Arsonists

- As the worst bushfires in Australia's history continue to consume the southern state of Victoria, police fear the death toll will rise to over 300 as the search continues for an arsonist believed responsible for at least one of the fires.

A Burning Issue: How to Save Lives

- Fire has been one of history's most destructive forces. New technologies now in development offer the potential to lessen these losses by addressing such thorny problems as how to track firefighters in a burning building, how to detect fires much earlier, and how to control a raging fire's path.

NIST Issues Report on Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7

- World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7), which was not hit by a plane on 9-11, has been the subject of conspiracy theorists, who have suggested that it collapsed from a controlled demolition. NIST now says in a draft report that the cause was "thermal expansion of long-span floor systems at temperatures “hundreds of degrees below those typically considered in current practice for fire resistance ratings."

Fire Protection

- The National Institute of Science and Technology has unveiled a new Web site as a one-stop shop for all the fire service’s needs. Check it out.

Sounding the Alarm on Dust Explosions

- Companies that produce ignitable chemical dust must do more to prevent deadly explosions like the one at an Imperial Sugar Company plant in Georgia in February, says a member of the government's chemical safety board.

Heart Attacks, Car Crashes Top Causes of Firefighter Death

- Health maintenance and fitness programs could save lives, as would increased seat belt use, say experts at a conference hosted by the National Fire Protection Association.

Suppression Progression

- An IT room is now safe not only from fire but from the damage an outdated suppression system might have done.

High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, Second Edition.

- Highly acclaimed in its first edition, the update of Geoff Craighead's High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety manages to outdo the original. The thoroughly referenced work picks up where the last edition left off, detailing advances in practices and technology as well as discussing the impact of the destruction of the Twin Towers. It's destined to be a bible to building security professionals, an in-depth overview for other security professionals, and an engaging read for laypersons.

Did You Know That?

- Revenues from CCTV and fire-detection equipment will drive a booming industrial and commercial security market in Central and Eastern Europe through 2010, forecasts Frost & Sullivan. But security market leaders such as Siemens, Bosch, Tyco, and Honeywell "are likely to be challenged by the interest in cheaper products of lower quality offered by local and Asian manufacturers," according to a Frost & Sullivan statement.

School security

- A bill (S. 620) that would have provided federal grants to install sprinklers or other fire suppression or prevention technologies in college and university dorms died in committee. The funds could have been used by public and private institutions to provide fire-safety equipment in all campus housing including sorority and fraternity houses. 

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