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Who Will Guard the Guards? More Guards

- The State Department has assigned diplomatic security staff to watch over ArmorGroup security contractors in Kabul as new allegations surface that the company retaliated against one of its whistleblowers.

Private Military Contractor Charged With Murder Shouldn't Have Been Hired, Sources Say

- Members of the private military contractor community are flabbergasted that the private military contractor who allegedly murdered two colleagues in Iraq last month was even hired, reports The Independent.

Afghanistan: Embassy Guards Accused of Unruly, Undisclipined Behavior

- The ability of ArmorGroup North America (AGNA) private security guards to adequately and honorably protect the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan has once again been called into question by an independent watchdog organization, reports The Washington Post.

Security Guards Canned for Sleeping On-Duty at George Washington Bridge

- Two security guards at New York City's George Washington Bridge have been fired for napping on the job, after photographs of them snoozing surfaced on the Internet, reports The Daily News.

China: Legislature Outlines Police Powers, Curbs Local Security Powers

- China's highest legislative body yesterday approved a law that outlines rules governing the country's domestic police force.

Speaker Spotlight—Brian Reich, CPP

- Brian Reich, CPP, discusses how private security can be a force multiplier in the nation's effort to protect missing and exploited children.

U.N. Employee Bites Security Guard During Scuffle Over Nepotism Allegation

- In a bizarre incident that has just come to light, a security guard at the United Nations was bitten by an irate employee over nepotism allegations, reports The Times (of London).

California Prison Had History of Safety Problems

- The California prison that erupted in violent race riots this weekend had a history of problems in recent years, reports The New York Times.

Iraq: Military Contractor Shoots and Kills Two Fellow Contractors, Wounds Iraqi in Green Zone

- A night of vodka drinking early on Sunday morning in Baghdad's Green Zone ended in two private military contractors dead, one Iraqi national wounded, and one private military contractor in custody, allegedly for shooting the other three men after an argument broke out.

Security Guard Charged in Negligent Yet Improbable Firearm Accident

- A Long Beach, California, security guard has been charged with two felonies after breaking up a brawl outside a club in a move out of a movie, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Panel: Prison Overcrowding Jeopardizes Guard and Inmate Safety

- Overcrowding at federal prisons is seriously jeopardizing the safety and security of guards and inmates alike, witnesses told lawmakers today.

Atlantic City Casino Security Can Detain Underage Gamblers, Drinkers

- Underage drinkers and gamblers trying to illegally live it up in America's Playground have more to worry about than just being carded, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Contract Guard Oversight at Federal Facilities Gets Failing Grade

- Investigators were able to pass through monitored security checkpoints and enter level IV federal facilities, such as congressional office buildings, without being stopped by guards, according to a new Government Accountability Office report on the Federal Protective Service's guard force oversight. That was just one of the shortcomings highlighted.

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