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- An Indiana appellate court has struck down a $325,000 judgment granted to an employee who claimed his boss bullied him.


- A security guard refused a date from a senior manager and sued the company for sexual harassment.

Racial Discrimination

- A company can be held liable for the discriminatory practices of a supervisor. In the case, an HR employee terminated an employee for missing work without permission.

Genetic discrimination

- The House Education and Labor Committee’s Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions held a hearing on H.R. 493, a bill that would outlaw genetic discrimination.


- Corporate rules against fraternizing at work can apply to social situations but not to unionizing activities.


- A company’s preemployment test, which was designed to measure the strength of job applicants, illegally discriminated against female candidates


- Employees of a casino have the right to sue their employer after security guards physically restrained them during a union meeting held during a work break.


- Maine's high court has ruled that a company did not discriminate against a security guard when it refused to allow him to carry a firearm. The company decided not to arm the guard after several psychological evaluations. Reports on the evaluations noted that the guard was aggressive and short-tempered.

Workplace Injury

- The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that a construction company willfully violated safety regulations and must pay the fine imposed by the state of Nevada. The company failed to install safety equipment after numerous inspections.

Background Screening

- Hawaii's high court has ruled that a company wrongfully fired an employee based solely on his prior criminal record. The court said that the conviction must have a relationship to the job.

Learning from Leaders

- Experts share four key traits of successful, dynamic leaders.

What Are You Worth?

- Overall, security professionals fared well in 2007. Read the latest from the ASIS International Salary Survey.

Peer Intervention and Prevention

- Disgruntled employees often just want a fair hearing of their case. Peer-review programs give them a place to vent their frustrations and get peer input.

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