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Defense Contractors

- The Pentagon’s assistant inspector general for Southwest Asia outlined the oversight challenges of holding contractors accountable in Afghanistan before the bipartisan Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jury Awards $1.5 Million in Retaliation Case

- A jury has found that a woman was wrongfully terminated after she gave negative information about a coworker during an internal investigation.

State Legislation: Minnesota: Background Screening

- A new Minnesota law (formerly H.B. 882) would protect employers in civil lawsuits where the plaintiff is seeking damages arising from the actions of employees. To be protected from liability, one of three conditions must exist, according to the law: The employee did not pose a greater risk in his employment than he would as a general member of the public; the criminal record of the employee had been sealed; the employee had been pardoned or the arrest or charge did not result in criminal conviction.

DHS to Move 3,200 Contractor Jobs In-House

- DHS has taken the first steps to reduce its contractor force in favor of government employees.

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Whistleblowers

- Lawmakers on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia recently held a hearing on a whistleblower protection bill (S. 372). The bill was introduced by Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI), who chairs the subcommittee.   The bill would expand whistleblower protection of federal employees to clarify that any disclosure is protected under the law, to provide a process to review suspensions and revocations of security clearances, and to protect disclosures of censorship of scientific information.

From One Winning Career to the Next

- A good how-to-do manual for those security professionals looking to make the jump from government to the private sector.

Background Screening Hot Topic After Arrest in Yale Murder Case

- The arrest of a Yale lab technician in the murder case of Yale graduate student Annie Le has provoked questions about the university's background screening policies.

LAPD Chief Bratton Resigns for Plum Position in Private Sector

- Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton resigned yesterday to lead a subsidiary of a security company that will provide training, consulting, and information services to police forces around the world.

State Legislation: Iowa: Background Screening

- A new law (formerly H.B. 505) enacted in Iowa will require that all volunteers working in the state’s veterans homes who have direct contact with patients or residents undergo a background check. The checks will cover criminal history and claims of dependent adult abuse. Those with criminal records or histories of abuse will not be allowed to volunteer.

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Background Screening

- A bill (H.R. 1939) introduced by Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO) would require that employees in the alarm monitoring and security system installation industry undergo criminal background checks. The background screening would include a federal criminal background check to uncover any felony or offense involving dishonesty, false statements, or use of force in the previous 10 years.

The Safe Hiring Audit: The Employer's Guide to Implementing a Safe Hiring Program

- Employees determine how every organization runs. Lester S. Rosen shows employers how to pick the right one so organizations don't break down.

Employment Tests

- Although conducting credit checks aren't illegal during the hiring process, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is concerned it could lead to discriminatory hiring practices. To provide guidance, the EEOC has published an online fact sheet to help employers steer clear of discrimination.

How to Avoid Hiring Mishaps

- Knowing what data to search and what information to avoid is critical when vetting job candidates. Special care must be applied when using criminal databases compiled from public sources, for example. Other critical issues include the proper vetting of educational claims and the use of social networking sites.

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