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The National Electric Manufacturing Association

- The National Electric Manufacturing Association has released a standard that aims to make fire panels, or annunciators, more useful by making real-time information clearer and more quickly available. In part, it standardizes symbols for conditions, such as biochemical hazards, and the location of smoke vents and elevators. It also establishes equipment specifications concerning wireless and remote applications. @ Read the standard on SM Online.

Influenza Planning

- New guidance is out to help the electricity sector respond to an influenza pandemic.

Challenges and Trends

- Five leading security professionals participate in a live Q &A session on the issues facing today’s practitioners. Find out what’s top of mind for end users, suppliers, and consultants.

Guidelines for Banks

- A new guide helps financial institutions to comply with information security standards.

Cyber Threat Levels Response Handbook

- In the information systems sphere, this book can help. It is a highly effective handbook designed for both public and private organizations and all levels of law enforcement. It gives guidance on how they should modify their respective security postures to meet a declared alert condition.

Information Security Guidelines for Banks

- The guide defines important terms used in the security guidelines and then outlines the steps companies should follow to develop and implement an information security program, such as conducting assessments of internal and external threats. It also provides methods of assessing policies and procedures.

Presenataion Prowess

- Making a proposal to senior management? Follow these tips to get the best results.

Aligning Security

- This PricewaterhouseCoopers guidebook helps companies to think about their security strategies.

Aligning Security With Business Objectives

- The guidebook provides a five-step approach for CISOs to achieve success in their positions: assess, analyze, strategize, align, and communicate. PWC partner James Quinnild, one of the authors of the guidebook, says that the goal was to help CISOs succeed in a world that has changed dramatically from five years ago.

Riding the Web 2.0 Wave

- Writely is a Web 2.0 site that offers a word processing program in which multiple collaborators can be given access to particular documents, with changes tracked by time and user. Central Desktop is a collaboration tool that allows teams to work together on project management, allowing members to add documents, Web links, comments, and scheduling information. It offers a variety of communications options, including instant messaging and discussion boards.

A Site to See

- The next time you see Microsoft Windows’ “blue screen of death” or a “fatal error” message flash across your monitor, don’t get angry; reboot and then point your browser toward the DistroWatch Web site, where you can learn everything you need to know about the newest distributions (called “distros”) of the Linux operating system.

Decontaminating Children

- A government training video shows emergency responders and hospital ER staff how to decontaminate children exposed to dangerous chemicals.

And the Incorrect Answer Is: “No Comment"

- Why is “No comment” the wrong response to any media question? According to the authors, those words precipitate questions such as, “What are you trying to hide?” and “What’s really going on here?” They offer tips on what needs to be said and how to say it.

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