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What Not to Do When Seeking Employment

- The book also provides many suggestions on what job seekers should do. From mind-set (keep a level head and get your act together) to obstacles (don't believe age discrimination doesn't exist) to telephone interviewing (write out a telephone script that you feel comfortable with), Crawford's pragmatic counsel will help the reader through the ups and downs of the sometimes brutal job search.

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PDA forensics guide

- PDAs are more popular than ever, with 2.75 million hand-held devices shipped in the second quarter of 2004 alone. Because criminals are among the loyal users of the devices, those who are tasked with performing forensic examinations of computers must also know how to get data off a PDA in a way that preserves evidence for a court case. A Special Publication of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been developed to help organizations create policies and procedures for dealing with PDA forensics. The document includes information on forensic tools and proper procedures. @ Guidelines on PDA Forensics is available through SM Online.

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- While Linux has a reputation as being for only the most technically adept computer users, that's a perception that is going to change, thanks to a new book by Rickford Grant called Linux for Non-Geeks. Grant's book is described on the cover as a "hands-on, project-based, take-it-slow" approach to understanding, installing, and using Linux, and the book delivers on this promise, leading readers slowly and without jargon through the world of Linux. The book even comes with a free distribution of Linux known as Fedora that provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that can compete with Windows. Users can have both Fedora and Windows running on the same machine. The book is available through online vendors such as for about $24. It comes with a working version of Linux on two CDs.

Private Security and Public Safety: A Community-Based Approach

- This book examines the concept of private security companies providing community-oriented crime prevention on a contract basis. Borrowing heavily from the experience of security practitioners, it is rich in detail, well thought-out, and comprehensive--a close look at a bold new way to protect neighborhoods with a high risk of crime.

Hacking for Bobby Fischer

- Researchers have found that the Web site of a popular online chess club has security flaws that could allow players to cheat by giving themselves more time on the clock to think about moves. Adding a few seconds might not seem like a lot, but because players have limited time in which to consider their next move (consider, for example, that some games must be completed in under one minute), a few seconds might be enough to win a game, particularly if those seconds allow a player to feed an opponent's move into a powerful chess-playing program.

Quick Bytes: How much protection is needed?

- A mom-and-pop company with a dozen employees and an organizational behemoth like the Department of Defense both need to secure their computer networks. But not all networks need the same level of protection. A new draft publication of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides recommended sets of security controls for low-, moderate-, and high-impact computer networks.

Business Confronts Terrorism: Risks and Response

- Be forewarned: This book does not contain specific security advice. Don't be put off, however. Author Dean C. Alexander has written an effective high-level overview of how terrorist organizations have infiltrated modern society and turned society's apparatuses against the very people who helped develop them.

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- Setting up a home network has become a necessity for any family with more than one computer. A home network allows everyone to share an Internet connection, share files, and even use the same printer. The thought of setting up such a network, however, is intimidating, given the amount of software and hardware involved.

The CISSP Prep Guide: Mastering the CISSP and ISSEP Exams, Second Edition.

- In June 2004, the International Organization for Standardization (known as the ISO) granted certification in the area of information security for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation. With ISO certification, the CISSP is gaining in prominence, making The CISSP Prep Guide a timely and informative resource.

The Information Systems Security Officer's Guide: Establishing and Managing an Information Protection Program.

-  Regardless of where you are in the security hierarchy, this is the definitive text for learning what it takes to be an effective information systems security officer (ISSO). The book paints an excellent portrait of an ISSO's duties, challenges, and working environments. It includes everything from how to handle new technologies and threats to how to perform information-security duties in a national-security environment.

Introduction to Homeland Security

- In the crowded world of security textbooks, there is still room for a definitive guide to homeland security. Introduction to Homeland Security attempts to fill that gap by, in the authors' words, presenting a "background and working knowledge of disciplines, players, and organizations that are part of this nation's homeland security efforts." It manages to nominally achieve this goal, but largely through content harvested from the Internet and summaries of government legislation, with some original writing appearing as well. These multiple sources of material create a tapestry of uneven writing styles and subject treatment--some important issues get little or no discussion, while other less pertinent issues are examined in detail. (Al Qaeda merits nary a mention, but landfill security gets a full page.)

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- Despite its title, Cyber Terrorism: A Guide for Facility Managers is not about terrorism at all. Instead, it is a somewhat dated primer on how computers and networks function and how to create business continuity and recovery plans that take these high-tech backbones into consideration.

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