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Eyes on the Road

- A new digital video system helps prevent fraud and catch criminals on New Jersey toll roads.

Being Forewarned

- A service that provides alerts before disaster strikes is a critical part of the business plan at an international manufacturing company.

I Spy with My Electronic Eye

- The city of Birmingham is using a new kind of video analytic to help it catch and curtail criminal behavior in public streets.

Baker Saves Dough

- A national bakery chain found that sending alarm signals using IP technology rather than landlines led to significant savings.

Security's Legerdemain

- A university turned to biometric hand recognition technology to protect its art buildings after hours.

Surveillance Never Folds

- When Tampa Bay Downs expanded its poker room, state regulators insisted that the camera system get an upgrade as well.

Busting Crime on a Budget

- City officials were able to reduce the budget while adding a surveillance system and a call-management service.

Case Study

- By installing an extensive CCTV system, a warehouse in Virginia was able to meet federal security guidelines and reduce damage to the goods it was paid to store.

Schooled on Vulnerabilities

- How one university is using security software to make sure that its network protection is based on more than an educated guess.

Security's New Chapter

- By upgrading its existing system, Queens Library was able to improve access control without the expense of replacing the infrastructure.

Security's Way of Wisdom

- The new video monitoring system at DePaul University helps security officials keep residence halls safe.

Keeping Track of Tours

- How one company is tracking its guards on tour to make sure that patrols are carried out as promised.

A Federation of E-Mails

- How one county implemented a user-friendly software solution that helps it keep sensitive e-mail protected even in transit.

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