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Keys to Learning

- A Long Island school system updates access control lock, stock, and barrel.

CCTV Lowers the Stakes

- A casino in upstate New York bets on digital video.

Untangling Web of Wasted Time

- Westex Group, Inc., a trading and export management group in Washington, D.C., does not have a large staff. So Joju Sebastian, a technology consultant with the company, wondered why the company’s T-1 connection was being “bogged down big time” by persistent Internet use. He decided that it was time to track how the company’s 13 employees were using—and perhaps abusing—the Web. Sebastian brought the issue to the attention of the CEO, who agreed that the situation should be monitored.

Builders Contstruct Better Security

- Homebuilders fight construction site theft and a company fights personal Web surfing at work.

Vaulting into Digital Video

- How a company made the move to a PC-based digital CCTV solution that made viewing and storing images easier tasks.

Digital Maps Draw Better Response

- Mall security adopts software to view floor plans for safety purposes.

Banking on Encryption.

- A bank invests in e-mail encryption.

Traveling with Intelligence

- A major corporation finds that a travel-intelligence service is a smart investment.

Fune Tuning E-mail Control

- Smart solutions to security problems

A Secure Backup Plan

- Through the company’s Internet service provider, Ladd learned about Arsenal Digital Solutions, a North Carolina company offering a number of storage and disaster-recovery solutions. Ladd looked at one solution, ViaRemote, and did a cost-benefit analysis that showed that Strahan would save enough on Ladd’s labor alone to pay for it. He decided a day later to give ViaRemote a try.

Security to Bank On

- Faced with the need to increase IT staff and resources, this bank chose to outsource all of its network monitoring.

Smart Solutions to Security Problems

- A music center rings in a new security system.

Digital Cameras Protect a Local Utility

- A rural electric cooperative gets wired to a state-of-the-art security system

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