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Identity Theft Loose Ends

- Though progress has been made in combatting identity theft, the government must take additional steps to improve record keeping and information sharing.

Personal Information

- Consumers are getting jitters over sharing personal information with retailers. More than half of Canadians surveyed resist automatically providing personal information such as their name, address, and phone number when asked by retailers, according to a Canadian government report.

Companies Face New ID Theft Rules

- Some organizations are finding it difficult to meet new rules requiring enhanced identity-theft prevention programs.

Preventing Identity Theft

- This month, the Federal Trade Commission’s “red flag” rules to prevent and mitigate identity theft in financial institutions go into effect. Find out more about identity theft and the program on the FTC’s Web site.

Data Security

- A federal district judge has ruled that four Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees may sue the government after it compromised their personal data. The TSA lost a hard drive containing personal and financial information on 100,000 employees.

Academic, Corporate, and Government Organizations Unite to Solve Identity Management Problems

- A new nonprofit organization will devote itself to solving identity management problems like identity theft through empirical research.

Annapolis Police Teach Residents "Trash Intelligence"

- A novel program teaches residents how their garbage can result in their identity being stolen.

Quick Bytes: Bucking the Law

- Data breach laws do not reduce states' rates of identity theft, according to a report from Carnegie Mellon researchers.

Identity Theft

- Despite their best intent, state data-breach notification laws do not reduce identity theft, according to a Carnegie Mellon study.

Britain's e-Passports Can be Counterfeited

- The Times (of London) reports Britain's "fake-proof" e-passports can be cloned in less than an hour.

Knowing the Customer's Type

- Typing-analysis software can be a user-friendly solution to authentication woes.

D.C. Metro Posts Employees' Social Security Numbers Online

- The mistake has exposed nearly 4,700 employees to the threat of identity theft.

Success for Federal Credentialing

- Recent government drills tested how government IDs help during an emergency.

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