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Heathrow Scraps Fingerprint Plan

- London Heathrow Airport scraps a plan to fingerprint all departures at a new domestic terminal after a government watchdog voices opposition.

Maryland Helps Protect Its Residents from Identity Theft

- A state law requiring that businesses tell customers when personal data has been breached has already had an effect.

U.S. Federal Legislation: Identity Theft

- A bill (S. 2168) introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) that would increase penalties for identity theft has been approved by the Senate and is now pending in the House Judiciary Committee. The bill would provide restitution for victims of identity theft for the time spent dealing with the issue as well as actual monetary damages. The bill would also expand the identity theft laws to include organizations that are victimized rather than just individuals as under current law. Such damages could be paid for using criminal and civil forfeitures of property used to commit computer fraud offenses.

Real ID

- DHS has tiered implementation of REAL ID rules for secure licenses and identification cards. After 2014, licenses issued to drivers younger than 50 must be compliant, while by 2017, all Americans must carry compliant licenses for federal uses.

Order in the Court

- As people enter the Clermont County Municipal Courthouse, they go through an instant database check to see whether they are wanted by law enforcement.

Driver's License Rule Improved, but Imperfect

- States that want their citizens to be able to use driver’s licenses as federal identification now have a limited timeframe in which to institute far more thorough methods for vetting the vital documents used to apply for those licenses and to take other steps to ensure that the entire process is more secure.

U.K.: Foreigners and Certain Workers Will Get ID Cards Starting Next Year

- The Home Office has backed away from compulsory ID cards for all Britons, yet critics argue the plan is a "stealthy" attempt to accomplish the same result.

U.K.: Biometric Visas Efficient and Working

- The United Kingdom's biometric visa system has reduced identity checks from two days to 30 minutes, says the British visa checking agency.


- DHS has made it much cheaper for states to implement REAL ID in its final rules (Part 1 and Part 2). But the question remains: Is it enough to quell the rising state revolt against the cost of secure IDs?


- 70 The percentage of respondents who said they had changed their online behavior as a consequence of fear of identity theft, according to a survey of British adults by the software and IT management company CA.

Strengthening Company Passwords

- Companies need to teach its employees password protection practices to avoid sensitive data leaks.

The Need for Speed

- Are businesses and government keeping pace with identity thieves?

Ten Fingerprint Scan Moves to O'Hare International Airport

- The fingerprints will be checked against an FBI and a DHS database filled with criminals, illegal immigrants, and known or suspected terrorists.

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