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Quick Bytes: IT important, problematic

- More than half of the organizations polled by the IT Governance Institute revealed that they regularly include IT subjects on their boards' agenda. That may indicate IT's increasing profile, but it also may reflect the fact that all but 7 percent of respondents said that they had experienced IT problems in the last year. @ The IT Governance Global Status Report is available for $100. Find out more, and download an executive summary, by visiting SM Online.

No More Corporate Cash for Militias

- U.S. companies must be cautious in dealing with foreign militia groups as the government cracks down on payment schemes.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

- Almost one-third of companies outsource application-development tasks, as well as Web-site development and management, according to a new survey of 744 organizations carried out by Enterprise Systems, a provider of business and technology information for IT managers.

Human Rights Law

- Read the complaint from an international rights law firm, suing Chiquita Brands International, Inc., for paying nearly $2 million to paramilitaries to murder and intimidate individuals in Colombia’s banana growing region.

What’s the Verdict on Digital Evidence?

- The Canadian experience shows that many issues related to the admissibility of digital images in court proceedings remain unresolved.

Did You Know That?

- On a single day during the summer, the FBI and law enforcement from 10 other countries conducted more than 90 searches around the world to crack down on illegal trade and distribution in software, games, movies, and music on the Internet. Investigators seized more than $50 million of pirated works during the raid, part of Operation Site Down.

Targeted Trojans

- A briefing from the U.K. gives more background on Trojan malware.         

Do London Bombings Signal a New Course?

- Two weeks after suicide bombers killed more than 50 commuters on the London subway and a bus, a near-identical attack struck that same transportation system, though the second round of bombs didn't go off as planned. The second attack seems to mark the first time that a group affiliated with or inspired by al Qaeda has hit the same type of target twice within a few weeks.

Did You Know That?

- Documents obtained by The Sunday Times of London show that British hospitals suffer 43 violent assaults per year on average. Most are committed by patients who are attacking staff, often as a result of frustration over long waiting times. Patients have attacked staff with pool cues, walkers, and, in one case, a bottle of urine.

The Trauma of Terrorism: Sharing Knowledge and Shared Care.

- This is not a book so much as a collection of essays, monographs, and first-person accounts of the effects of terrorism from ground zero—the point of impact—to the human effects years afterward.

Not So Clean in Chile

- A new report faults Chile for not prosecuting Chilean companies engaging in bribery abroad.

Russia's Oil

- Oil exports have brought prosperity and international status to Putin’s Russia. The oil boom may not last much longer, say experts at Alfa-Bank, Chatham House, International Energy Agency, and the Council of Foreign Relations.

Africa's Report Card

- Governance in Africa is terrible, but it’s improving slowly. Even small improvements can drive investment and create jobs, according to a World Bank study.

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