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Holding Individuals Accountable

- To get companies to take corruption charges more seriously, the U.S. is now going beyond fines to individual prosecutions.

Fighting Corruption

- Companies should have their own anticorruption policies when going into highly corrupt nations to do business.

Fighting Corruption

- Companies should have their own anticorruption policies when going into highly corrupt nations to do business.

Morning Security Brief: Minnesota Cops Data Breach, Pentagon Says American Terrorists Can Be Killed, Social Media Use, and More

- Minnesota cops violate a woman's privacy 425 times just to see what she looked like after losing weight. The Pentagon says courts shouldn't have say when an American who works with terrorists is targeted. An Australian woman scams $30,000 out of Nigerian scammers. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Britain's Radicalization Report, FTC Warns App Makers, Armed Guards on Ships, and More

- The British Home Affairs Committee publishes a report on the "Roots of Violent Radicalisation." The FTC issues a warning to makers of mobile apps that run background checks. A survey finds that armed guards on ships are often unlicensed. And more.

Return of The Troubles?

- Dissident Republican terror groups want to plunge Northern Ireland back into the violence of yesteryear, but they won’t, say peace and justice activists.

Morning Security Brief: Both Koreas on Alert After Death of Kim Jong Il, Cyberattackers Making Malware Phone Calls, and More

- South Korea is on high alert and North Korea has closed its borders after state TV reported the death of leader Kim Jong Il. Cyberattackers are calling residents to persuade them to download malware. Holes in D.C. security revealed. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Securing Haj from Disease, Employee Credit Checks, Counterfeit Military Parts, and More

- No cases of infectious disease reported during Haj. Researchers looks for links between credit scores and employee performance. Lawmakers raise concerns about counterfeit electronics in military equipment. And more.

Morning Security Brief: FBI Thwarts Biological Attack, Court Security, Police Response Times, and More

- The FBI arrest four men for plotting domestic attacks. The GAO examines courthouse security. Costa Rica looks to reduce police response times. And more.

Morning Security Brief: FBI's Anti-Muslim Training, Human Trafficking Of Terrorists, Jail Violence, And More

- The FBI is teaching agents that Islam is synonymous with terrorism. Three men pleaded guilty for plans to smuggle a fictitious terrorist into the United States. West Virginia jails see an 87 percent increase in violence. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Mothers Released From Prison, DHS Grants, 12 and Under Pat-Downs, and More

- 4,000 mothers to be released from California prisons. Jewish organizations sweep Homeland Security grants. TSA changes its pat-down policies for children. And more.

Too Focused on Safe Havens?

- Failed states may not be the terrorist havens experts once thought. More attention should be given to weak and corrupt nations.

IDF Snipers To Use Laser Designator in Riot Control

- The IDF’s new counter-protest strategy aims to reduce the number of rubber bullet-related deaths.

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