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Colombia Seizes 100-Foot-Long Narco Sub

- The fully submersible vessel could store 8 tons of cocaine and travel to Mexico without surfacing. (Updated with more photos)

Survey Finds Security Directors Fear Latin America Most

- A joint survey conducted by Control Risks and International SOS finds that business leaders believe Latin America is the riskiest region in the world to send their business travelers while terrorism and civil unrest continue to be the greatest travel concern for businesses.

Morning Security Brief: Fighting the Taliban, Spotting Counterfeit Drugs, Private Security in Afghanistan, and More

- The pros and cons of fighting the Taliban with local militia are examined by the Washington Post. A new effort to help consumers in Africa spot counterfeit drugs is being launched. And the Afghan government acknowledges it may need private security a little longer.


- A far-reaching congressional investigation found that the Pentagon’s supply-chain subcontractors in Afghanistan paid protection money to tribal warlords, and some of those funds likely found their way into the hands of supporters of the insurgency. Get the details of the congressional findings here.

How to Develop an Ethical Culture

- Honesty really is the best policy not only because it's ethical but also because corrupt practices will land the company in court, saddle it with costly fines, and ruin its reputation. Management must, however, do more than put a code of ethics on paper; it needs to implement an anti-corruption program.

Global Security Collaboration Grows

- An international private-public partnership on data security in defense and aerospace contracting continues to blossom.

Pirates Released in Case Where One Pirate was Killed By Private Security in Hijack Attempt

- Six pirates apprehended in an attempted attack have been released by authorities, according to The New York Times. The incident involved what is reportedly the first case where armed private security shot and killed a pirate.

Contractor Challenges in Afghanistan

- Expectations that are at odds with reality present challenges to contractors working in Afghanistan.

Morning Security Brief: FAMS Short Haul Flights, Underwear Bomber Says the Cleric Made Him Do It, IE6 Flaw, U.S. Jihadism

- ♦ Federal air marshals tell CNN that they are assigned "short-haul flights" rather than international high-risk flights to make the Federal Air Marshal Service look more productive on paper. ♦ The 23-year-old jihadist that tried to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas has told federal investigators that a radical American cleric in Yemen, also linked to the Fort Hood shooting rampage, directed him to conduct the attack. ♦ If you're one of the 45 million Americans still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 6, it's time to upgrade to version 8. ♦ During the down economy, Frost & Sullivan says there's one market that has seen muscular growth: homeland security. ♦ Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair told lawmakers that more and more American Muslims are radicalizing but that their attention is directed overseas.

Morning Security Brief: Nukes and NYC, Drone Terrorism, NSA-Google Partnership, Terrorist Interrogations, U.S. Cyberattack

- ♦ Mayor Michael Bloomberg presses Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for more money to defend New York City from nuclear terrorism. ♦ A Pakistani newspaper calls the United States use of aerial drones over Pakistani soil terrorism. ♦ The National Security Agency will partner with Google to investigate a recent cyberattack that the company alleges originated in China. ♦ TIME magazine wants to know: Where was the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) when the Underwear Bomber was arrested on Christmas? ♦ A cyberattack could deliver a crippling blow to the United States, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair told the House Intelligence Committee yesterday.  

Congressman Asks DHS Secretary: "Where Are Your Visa Screeners?"

- Rep. Gus Bilirakis has a good question for Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano: "Where are all the visa screeners we gave you money for?"

ATM Fraud Trends in Europe

- Information security experts are advising consumers on how to recognize popular ATM fraud schemes plaguing Europe.

South Africa Investigates Rise in Illegal Security Firms

- The government body that regulates South Africa's private security industry is re-vetting everyone in their databases to weed out security professionals and companies that have a criminal record, reports the Independent Online.

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