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Checking Out Security Solutions

- How technologies are helping retail security and loss prevention teams deter thieves.

Flash Mobs: An Emerging Threat to Retailers

- Multiple offender incidents, styled after flash mobs, are an up-and-coming threat to retailers. This week the National Retail Federation released results of a July survey it administered to gauge the impact.

Italian Guns to be Manufactured with RFID Technology

- RFIDs that are intended for inventory control raise privacy and other concerns among gun owners.

No Artistry In These Crimes

- Thanks to Hollywood, art thieves are imagined as suave playboys in dapper suits who drive sports cars on beachside roads by day and dance through motion detecting lasers in all black attire by night. The picture of a sophisticated thief who steals for the challenge of it or for a wealthy collector is mostly fiction, according to experts.

Two Reports Examine Trends in Organized Retail Crime

- Reports from the National Retail Federation and the Government Accountability Office look at the size and nature of the organized retail crime problem and examine the success of some of the efforts to combat it.

Online Community Helps Police and Businesses Nab Crooks

- A social network of law enforcement and loss prevention professionals known as CrimeDex is helping police identify the criminals who prey on businesses and end their crime spree. (Coverage from ISC West)

DNA Spray Foils U.K. Criminals

- There’s a new weapon in the retail sector’s fight against robberies and burglaries. A fluorescent synthetic DNA spray has been created by the United Kingdom’s Selectamark Security Systems PLC that can both deter and foil commercial burglaries and smash-and-grab raids.

National Retail Federation and eBay Join Forces to Thwart Organized Retail Crime

- The National Retail Federation and eBay Inc. announced a multi-tiered approach to cooperatively fight organized retail crime.

New Solutions to Old Problems

- Retailers continue to fight the battle of the shrink. Two companies with creative new video surveillance applications discuss how the technologies are helping them curtail crime.

Attention Shoplifters

- Information-sharing and action-oriented partnerships are helping retailers thwart organized retail theft activities.

Introduction to Business and Industrial Security and Loss Control

- An updated and excellent version of Siljander's original 1991 textbook.

Security and Loss Prevention, Fifth Edition

- Security professionals need a practical baseline of information and concepts and knowledge of current and future risks to do their job. They'll get both in this book.

More Trade, Less Crime

- Could easing trade restrictions on exotic animals and plants aid conservation?

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