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Legal Report

- Hotel owners' liability for third-party assaults on guests, a religious discrimination case stemming from office cubicle decorations, and proposed federal rules for port and rail security.

Physical Security

- New laws in Virginia and Florida regarding landlord/tenant relations and alarm monitoring companies.

How to Become a Dangerous Expert Witness: Advanced Techniques and Strategies

- When it comes to serving as an expert witness though, the “dangerous” security professional is a huge asset, able to swing million-dollar judgments and carve out a lucrative niche.

Legal Report

- A wrap-up of court decisions on background screening, identity theft, nuclear facility security, airport security, and antiterror legislation.


- Two states, New Jersey and Michigan, approved almost identical laws requiring that health clubs purchase and install automated external defibrillators. The measures also require that at least one person be on duty at all times who is trained to use the device. The laws provide for fines of $500 to $1,000 for those health clubs that fail to comply.

Who's Liable Now?

- When someone gets hurt at a business, the guard company often gets sued. Select cases show how the courts interpret security provider liability.

Legal Report

- A court rules that an employer improperly fired an employee for behavior caused by a disability; Washington joins the states bucking the REAL ID Act; updates on bills on explosives, public transit, and more.

Legal Report

- Court rulings on discrimination claims relative to retaliation and hotel premises liability, as well as legislation covering airline and courthouse security.

Legal Report

- A wrap-up of court decisions on false imprisonment, religious discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment.

Premises Liability

- Read why a hotel is not responsible for the rape of one guest by another, according to a federal appeals court.

Public Policing in the 21st Century: Issues and Dilemmas in the U.S. and Canada

- Industry leader reviews top text on public policy and security.

False Imprisonment

- A woman sued a casino operator for false arrest and false imprisonment after she was ejected for picking up a dropped slot-machine token. A U.S. district court upheld the awarding of large punitive damages because the security staff's conduct was deemed egregious.

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