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EEOC Announces Record Recoveries

- The EEOC has announced that the agency recovered a record amount of money for victims of discrimination in fiscal year 2012. The EEOC released the numbers as part of its first Performance and Accountability Report.

Justice Department Releases Guidance on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

- The Department of Justice has released guidance on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and how the agency enforces the law.

Two Members of Film Piracy Group Sentenced

- Two members of an Internet piracy group have been sentenced in Virginia for illegally copying and distributing first-run films.

Morning Security Brief: UAV Integration, Taser Mishap, USC Shooting, and More

- UAVs get closer to integration into domestic airspace. A police officer is suspended for using a stun gun on a child. USC uses its alert system to protect students after a Halloween night shooting. And more.

Supreme Court to Hear Drug-Sniffing Dogs Case Today

- The Court will hear oral arguments on whether judges can issue search warrants for private homes when drug-sniffing dogs gives a detection alert when outside the home.

Supreme Court to Rule on the Use of Drug Dogs

- The U.S. Supreme Court will hear two cases involving the use of dogs to sniff out narcotics. In the cases, the Court is determining whether dogs can be used to ferret out drugs inside a private residence and what credentials are necessary to prove that a drug dog is properly trained.

Justice Department Announces Efforts to Secure the Voting Process

- The Justice Department has announced that it will implement its usual efforts on Election Day to make sure voters aren’t intimidated at the polls and their votes are counted accurately.

Morning Security Brief: U.K. Blocks Extradition of Hacker, Justice Fights Lawsuit, the EU Scolds Google, and More

- The U.K. blocks extradition of a hacker who breached U.S. military networks. The U.S. Department of Justice fights a lawsuit brought by a House committee over the Fast and Furious program. The EU demands that Google meet privacy standards.

Trade Secrets

- A U.S. district court has refused to dismiss a case in which the plaintiff, a night club owner, argued that his “friends” lists from Facebook and MySpace are trade secrets under the law. The court ruled that the plaintiff took reasonable steps to protect the information in question.


- How one hospital developed an aggression-management training program for nonsecurity staff that includes ways to help staff spot early signs of trouble and accurately document incidents.

Data Theft

- An employee granted unrestricted access to his employer’s computer network cannot be found guilty under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) if he later steals information from his employer, another district court has ruled. The decision agrees with the Ninth Circuit but conflicts with the Fifth, Seventh, and Eleventh circuits.

Court Rules that Mental Health Check is a Medical Exam Under the ADA

- In a precedential case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has ruled that a mental exam is treated the same as a physical exam under the ADA.

Bully for You

- Bullying has gone virtual, and schools need to know how to develop policies that address cyberbullying while respecting students’ rights to free speech and other issues.

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