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Vein Pattern Recognition: A Privacy-Enhancing Biometric

- Vein Pattern Recognition gives readers a comprehensive overview of a non-intrusive, hard-to-forge biometric.

FTC: Companies Should Simplify Privacy Policies for Customers

- A Federal Trade Commission official says privacy policies are "broken" and offers solutions.


- The Lower Merion (Pennsylvania) School District has agreed to pay $610,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by students who claimed that district employees spied on the students using two-way Webcams that were incorporated into school-issued laptops.

Directing Privacy Policies at Consumers

- Companies need to make data privacy policies shorter and easier to understand, according to government representatives and industry experts.

Schumer Introduces Bill Criminalizing Recording or Distributing of Full Body Scans

- In the latest effort to balance security and privacy at U.S. airports, New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer introduced legislation yesterday to criminalize the recording or distributing of images generated by controversial full body scanners.

Put a Lid on It

- Surveillance cameras that are active only at night and during emergencies helped one town balance privacy concerns and security needs.

Protest Calls for Opting Out of Full Body Scan on Busiest Travel Day of Year

- The row over full body scanners just got more acrimonious as a grassroots campaign has called for minor civil disobedience at airports on the busiest travel day of the year, while a man's refusal to submit to a pat-down search over the weekend has gone viral on

No Signs of Balance

- Should privacy advocates take a lesson from the past and heed stop signs or at least yield some ground?

HP Boosts Privacy Policy Accountability Through It's Own Internal Software Tool

- Hewlett-Packard developed a software tool that has helped employees comply with the company's privacy policy.


- A police department did not violate the constitutional rights of police officers (.pdf) when it read through their text messages, ruled the Supreme Court. The review of the text messages did not violate the Fourth Amendment, according to the ruling, because it was undertaken for work-related purposes and was not excessive in scope.

Accountable Privacy

- A software program that prompts employees to discuss the details of their projects is designed to help a company protect personal data.

Stalked ESPN Reporter Sues Six Hotel Operators

- Erin Andrews, who was photographed through hotel room doors after employees provided a peeping Tom with both her room numbers and accommodations in adjoining rooms, has sued six hotel operators and the convicted defendant.


- The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that when an employee was sending e-mail from a private, Web-based account, even though the account was accessed from a company computer, the e-mails were protected. By allowing occasional personal use, the company’s computer policy could lead an employee to assume a certain level of privacy. The fact that the e-mails were sent over a password-protected Web site was also significant, ruled the court.

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