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Industrial Espionage: Developing a Counterespionage Program

- This book is intended to supply guidelines for establishing a program to prevent and thwart threats against proprietary information and assets.

License to Steal

- Once the province of James Bond spy thrillers, espionage has moved into the corporate arena to target business trade secrets.

Safeguarding Critical E-Documents: Implementing a Program for Securing Confidential Information Assets

- Author Robert Smallwood, executive director of the E-Records Institute at IMERGE Consulting, examines electronic information asset protection measures in Safeguarding Critical E-Documents. The book evaluates significant case studies, explains various risks and vulnerabilities, and covers a spectrum of useful topics.

Confronting the Insider Threat

- How companies can reduce the insider threat with prescreening, ongoing monitoring, and awareness programs.

Confronting the Insider Threat

-  How companies can reduce the insider threat with prescreening, ongoing monitoring, and awareness programs.

Managing the Insider Threat: No Dark Corners

- Managing the Insider Threat applies social science research to the problem of insider threats, identifying mechanisms to reduce the “dark corners” that allow insiders to engage in damaging actions and providing guidance on how to implement mitigating strategies

Twitter Implements Two-Factor Authentication But Critics See Flaws

- After a series of high-profile attacks, Twitter Inc. is implementing new security measures to stop hackers from invading user accounts. On Wednesday, the micro blogging site announced it will allow users to set their accounts to two-factor authentication.

Morning Security Brief: Teachers Seek Firearms Training, Los Alamos Replacing Chinese Computer Parts, One Goh Unfit for Trial

- More than 600 teachers applied for a firearms training course. Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory in New Mexico is replacing Chinese-made components in its computer system over security fears. Oikos University shooter One Goh is diagnosed with schizophrenia. And more.

FBI Teaching Industry to Protect Trade Secrets

- The FBI is teaming up with North Carolina's Research Triangle to help educate industry on how to prevent trade secret theft.

Michigan Man Charged with Selling Fake Microsoft Software

- A Michigan man was arraigned last week in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on charges of mail fraud and selling counterfeit Microsoft software worth more than $1.2 million, according to the Department of Justice.

Survey Suggests Data Encryption Makes Leaks Harder to Detect

- Federal agencies say the number one way unauthorized data leaves their organizations is through e-mail and that encryption actually hampers efforts to detect the leaks, according to a survey of federal agencies conducted by Axway.

Countries Shy Away From Foreign Businesses Over National Security Fears

- Canada uses national security exemption to keep foreign companies from bidding on new telecom project. India mulls restrictions on foreign investments.

Machine Politics

- When it comes to casting, recording, and counting votes, electronic machines have fallen short of their initial promise. Learn what states are doing instead.

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