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An "Iron River of Guns" Flows South

- Weapons from American gun shows and stores are showing up in Mexico's drug wars.

German Courts Rule Against Snooping

- Germany's Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that law enforcement agencies cannot spy on a suspect's computer, cell phone, PDA, or MP3 player except in a few carefully defined cases.

China's Pirates Move Up Value Chain

- As counterfeit goods from China become more sophisticated, legitimate businesses in the region are joining law enforcement to seek solutions.


- 93The percentage of the world’s opium poppies grown in Afghanistan last year, according to the U.S. government’s International Narcotics Control Strategy Report. Poppy production soared in the southern provinces, where Taliban-led insurgents use drug trafficking to finance their operations. Poppy cultivation is declining in poorer, but more secure, northern and central provinces.

Reclaiming Stolen Assets from Corrupt Autocrats

- Anti-corruption advocates are finding international opposition to legal regimes to reclaim looted assets, but the tide may be turning.

Spike in Fake Euros Raises Concern

- Thought immune to counterfeiting, police in the European Union are seizing more and more fake euros.

São Paulo Makes Headway Against Crime

- More police on the street, a focus on hotspots, and better equipment are among the factors helping this Brazilian state reduce its murder rate.

Security Research

- The European Union has published a considerable amount of information about its Framework Programs, its principal vehicle to fund scientific and technological research and development. A general outline is available here and the program’s homepage can be viewed here.. The EU accepts online submissions, send them here. 


- 4 The percent of cargo containers that were targeted for manual inspection at foreign ports because of red flags raised during screening but were never examined. Reasons for the oversight include difficulty getting to the container and refusals by the host government to cooperate.

Russian Cybercrooks Adopt Lower Profile

- How publicity killed the Russian Business Network.

Security Research Gets a Boost from the EU

- The European Union is ramping up funding to develop new security technologies and to encourage cooperation in Europe’s fragmented security industry.

Risk and Reward in Global Markets

- A recent analysis of crime trends around the world shines a spotlight on Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Recipe for Success

- The European Union has a number of initiatives underway that it hopes are the right ingredients for securing the food supply.Sidebar: China Syndrome

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