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Flying Safer Skies?

- Flying has never been safer, but there are still parts of the world where flying can be risky.

Ranking Global Cybercrime

- Even as banks ramp up their IT defenses, cybercriminals go where the money is.

Pirates Beaten Back

- Despite a recent uptick, piracy incidents are down significantly from a decade ago due to better intelligence and a greater use of technology.


- International consulting firm Deloitte carries out an annual survey of IT security at international financial institutions. Its latest report highlights management challenges at banks, insurance companies, and brokerages around the world.

WHO Is Preparing for the Inevitable Pandemic

- Only collective action will stem the spread of future pandemics, says the World Health Organization.

No More Corporate Cash for Militias

- U.S. companies must be cautious in dealing with foreign militia groups as the government cracks down on payment schemes.

What’s the Verdict on Digital Evidence?

- The Canadian experience shows that many issues related to the admissibility of digital images in court proceedings remain unresolved.


- 22 The percentage of U.S. crude oil imports that came from Africa in 2006, up from 15 percent in 2004. Africa is currently the largest supplier of U.S. crude oil, making strategic alliances in that region critical.

Hope Rises in Africa

- Sub-Saharan African countries are making slow progress on governance, corruption, and basic political rights, says the World Bank.

Russia's Oil Bust

- Russia emerged as a big player in world oil markets a decade ago, but now it’s struggling to maintain production. It could hamper the Kremlin’s foreign policy in years ahead.

EU Works to Secure its Supply Chain

- A new risk-assessment system is expected to detect numerous potential threats as part of a broader EU customs modernization.

Russia's Oil

- Oil exports have brought prosperity and international status to Putin’s Russia. The oil boom may not last much longer, say experts at Alfa-Bank, Chatham House, International Energy Agency, and the Council of Foreign Relations.

Customs Controls

- The European Union is bringing in complex and costly new customs controls to deter terrorism and improve cross-border product flow.

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