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ATM Fraud Trends in Europe

- Information security experts are advising consumers on how to recognize popular ATM fraud schemes plaguing Europe.

Countries See Bullying Drop

- A new study published in a leading public health journal finds that bullying among children has declined in many countries.

Companies Need "Data Champion"

- Corporate data protection officers can help organizations keep information they collect safe, but their role should be strengthened.

Nuclear Energy Agreement Raises Concerns

- A U.S. agreement with the United Arab Emirates to help the country develop a nuclear power sector is raising critical concerns that introducing nuclear technology into the volatile Middle East isn't smart policy.

Race for Iraq Oil Stalled by Security Fear

- Security concerns and high start-up costs are making multinational companies wary of investing in Iraq's newly-opened oil industry.

EU Data Protection Law Needs Overhaul

- European data regulators revisit how to keep data safe without hindering business amid the realities of a modern globalized world.

Fake Medicines Require Global Remedy

- International cooperation is necessary to combat the illegal global trade in dangerous counterfeit and substandard pharmaceuticals, panelists argued at an American Enterprise Institute event.

Leader of Islamic Group Urges U.S. to Keep Promises

- The secretary general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference reminds President Obama that his promises made to the Muslim world in Egypt need to transfer into policy.

Data Remains on Discarded Drives

- For the fourth consecutive year, researchers have found sensitive data about companies and individuals on computers bought on eBay.

Human Trafficking Tough to Quantify and Prosecute

- No one really knows how bad the modern slave trade is because reliable numbers are almost impossible to come by.

Arab Public Opinion Shifts in Positive Direction

- A recent public opinion poll of the Arab world shows that the perception of the United States is beginning to improve, while public views on Iran and al Qaeda are becoming less positive.

A “War of Choice” on Drugs in Mexico?

- A former Mexican government official questions the current government's approach to fighting drug cartels, calling it politically motivated.

Creative Approaches to Security Awareness Training

- Companies are starting to have fun with security awareness training videos, producing hip mockumentary films rather than boring tutorials.

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