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Fighting Malware Globally

- A report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says malware's spread has become so severe that international cooperation is needed to stem the onslaught.

Colombia's Rebels Battle for Survival

- President Alvaro Uribe is using both military and political tactics to destroy the insurgent group terrorizing the country.

Fueling Nigeria's Conflict

- Booming oil prices are making it harder, not easier, to find a solution to armed conflict in Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta region.

Profiling Aviation Threats

- In April, Israel's Supreme Court ruled that airport security screening discriminated against Israeli Arabs.


- 80 The percentage of banks in Asia without a formal plan to create customer awareness of online financial fraud, according to a survey by Readiminds.

Europe Pushes for a Softer U.S. Line

- Security experts in Europe hope that new leadership in the United States will usher in new counterterrorism strategies.

Europe Pushes for a Softer U.S. Line

- European security experts Gijs de Vries and Fernando Reinares told attendees at the ASIS International’s European conference that the next U.S. administration will revert to a less militarized approach to combating terrorism. Read a paper by Reinares on international terrorism and public opinion here.

More Trade, Less Crime

- Could easing trade restrictions on exotic animals and plants aid conservation?

Britain's Identity Crisis

- Support for one of the world's most ambitious identity card systems gradually chips away.

Click to Send Illegal Money

- Criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists have a new way of transferring money undetected: disposable cell phones. Regulators appear unsure how to react.

Protecting Soft Targets in Tough Places

- Aid agencies working in the world's most violent regions contemplate additional security measures as they find themselves under fire.

China's Pirates Move Up Value Chain

- China’s counterfeiters are becoming increasingly sophisticated. A two-volume analysis of the economic impact of counterfeiting and piracy around the world by Paris-based OECD contains extensive data on counterfeiting in China.

Governments Share Data

- The United States and Germany will share access to databases with personal data, including fingerprints and DNA information, of people suspected of terrorist activity.

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