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Keeping Investors Terror-Free

- Now the Washington, D.C.-based Conflict Securities Advisory Group, Inc., offers the Global Security Risk Monitor, a service that lets fund managers screen out companies doing business in countries designated as sponsors of terrorism.

Nuclear Facility Security

- The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued a proposed rule requiring that nuclear facilities conduct risk assessments, implement training exercises, and enhance security programs.

New In PlainText

- A guide to conducting security risk assessments.

Overseas Risk Management

- U.S. businesses operating abroad must incorporate security and risk management, notes a year-end analysis by the Overseas Security Advisory Council.

Risk Analysis and the Security Survey, Third Edition

- Security and risk management are explained and tied together elegantly.

Challenges Posed by Patient-Centric Care

- Special challenges at patient-centered hospitals.

Contingency Today

- Last fall, Global Energy Infrastructure Security 2006 was held in the United Arab Emirates, and, in January, the Security for Energy Infrastructure 2007 Global Summit built on the previous conference. Eminent speakers from around the world talked about prediction, prevention, and response to terrorist threats, among other topics.

Utilis Energy

- Offers an updated and revised report, 'Energy Infrastructure Security 2007, Protecting staff, assets and operations from sabotage and potential terrorist threat.' It explores modeling infrastructure security risk and provides information on security measures to combat it, with case studies of actual and potential energy sector terrorism.

Lone Wolves and Black Swans

- When assessing risk, never rule out the improbable.

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