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G4S May Not Meet Its Olympic Security Commitments

- A staffing blunder by security giant G4S could mean that British troops will have to make up the difference when the Summer Olympic Games begin at the end of the month in London.

Olympic Missile Plan Approved

- The British military has been given permission to deploy a missile battery atop an apartment building during the upcoming Summer Olympics in London.

Morning Security Brief: Microsoft’s Greece Headquarters Attacked, CDC Security Lapses, Major FBI Bust, and More

- Suspected anarchists launch a brazen attack on Microsoft headquarters in Greece. E-mails tell of security breaches at a CDC infectious disease lab. The FBI busts 24 people in its largest operation against credit card fraud. And more.

London Tells Hooligans to Turn in their Passports Ahead of Euro 2012

- The London Metropolitan Police are planning house calls to designated “football hooligans” who haven’t turned in their passports ahead of Euro 2012.

Olympic Security Praise from NYPD Chief

- NYPD chief Raymond Kelly said today that he is impressed with London's security planning for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

SuperSize Security

- A partnership of public and private security organizations began developing a game plan for securing Super Bowl XXXII before the first kickoff of the 1997 NFL season.

Riot Police Clash with Protesting Private Security Guards After World Cup Match

- Riot police shot tear gas and rubber bullets at private security guards protesting low wages just outside a World Cup stadium in Durban, South Africa, this morning.

South Africa, Security Pros Ready Themselves for the World Cup

- South Africa has geared up for this month's World Cup. Security professionals protecting VIPs have too.

World Cup Security in Play

- While South Africa may have preparations in place, ensuring the safety of executives who attend the tournament presents unique challenges.

Olympic Security Costs May Top $1 Billion

- Security costs for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada, originally projected at less than $200 million, are expected to reach $1 billion, according to The New York Times.

UK Bans "Football Hooligans" from 2010 World Cup in South Africa

- In an effort to help secure this summer’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the British government will prohibit more than 3,000 known troublemakers from traveling to the tournament.

Gang Violence in Rio Poses Security Questions for 2016 Summer Games

- A deadly weekend gun battle between warring gangs in Rio de Janeiro has Brazilian authorities pledging they will get a grip on security before the Olympic torch hits their violence-prone streets, according to the The Christian Science Monitor.

Vancouver Shoots for the Gold

- The city is preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics by hosting training exercises for government employees, procuring security equipment, and planning for threats.

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